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Event Report: PAC Colour Olympic Seminar - 24 October 2014

Hey adorable angels!

     I want to share about a beauty seminar by PAC (from Martha Tilaar Group) that i attended 2 weeks ago, 24 October 2014 to be exact, at JCC Senayan. Well, lucky me, i got an invitation from my dear blogger friend, Yuka, which happened to get invitations from Female Daily just because she commented on the forum! Wow lucky right?? Big thanks to Yuka for sharing this invitation with me and Fia! :)

Check the Indonesian version HERE
     Anyway the event a bit too early for me, started at about 9 and i was super duper sleepy. Luckily the traffic was kinda friendly that day, a bit surprising though, normally the traffic is insane on friday morning. So first thing i did when i arrived was met Yuka and got my own printed invitation and then registered outside.

     So as you can see, not only i got the pass for seminar session, i also got the pass for Sophie Ellis-Bextor concert at night. Unfortunately i was too tired to wait up all day to night, so i went right after the seminar was done. Anyway inside i registered again to exchange my goodie bag card with the real goodie bag, i was kinda excited to see the big goodie bag, turned out it was only mineral water and bread plus note book (i was heart broken, i thought it was products from PAC *cries* hahhaa).

     About 30 minutes after we registered finally Dr. Marthaa Tilaar (Chairwoman and founder of Martha Tilaar Group) came and the seminar room was finally open. I got the middle seat, not too far from the stage and the room was a bit dark at first because it hasn't really started yet. But there was DJ Wizznu playing his music, oh he's quite a catch. 

     Then after DJ was done with his music, we were all stand up to sing "Indonesia Raya". Continued with opening video from Dr. Marthaa Tilaar. Next there was a dance performance before we really move on to the core event with two special international makeup artist.

     Finallyyyy, core event! First was a makeup demo from Merton Muaremi, MUA from Australia. He's so cute and also very friendly too. His makeup demo was about colour olympic itself, yep, cool colored makeup in abstract composition. He used the newest palette from PAC, which is "Colour Olympic" and PAC face painting to get the whole look. For the base he used PAC creamy foundation, by mixing three colors to get the color that he thought perfect for the model. The coolest thing was he used a eyeliner cap to draw round shapes, he said this way we wouldn't get confused and the shape will rounded perfectly.

 Thats the newest Colour Olympic Palette!

Cool makeup right? Im thinking of recreating this when i have time. 

See that round shapes? That's what i told you above, he used the eyeliner cap to make it as stencils. 

Both were Merton's works, the right one he did it on stage and the other one before he came on stage. Both of them has a very unique artistry look with colorful color composition. Anyway im so sorry if the pics aren't that clear, because it's hard to take a picture with digicam when people bumped at you all the time.  

     After that Merton got certificate and also flower bouquet, then continued with another MUA makeup demo. Yep, it was Justin Henry (MUA from United Kingdom) time! He was even more friendly you know, he loved to smile a lot at the stage and very serious too when applying makeup. Unlike Merton, Justin gave a makeup demo with more of a smokey look. He used another newest palette from PAC, which is "Pop Rock" which contain more normal colors.

Justin create a more wearable makeup look for both of the models, with a nice and intense smokey eyes, plus light lipstick color to balance it. I think this kinda makeup looks are perfect for daily or a night out.

     Then the also gave Justin appreciation with certificate and flowers bouquet and then continued with DJ Wizznu playing his song and all of the models came down stage again to do some pose. Actually the event was over after that, but then the MC went back to stage and quiz time! So they have this lipstick for 4 person, 2 each quiz session (even when you get the answer all wrong, they'd give it anyway).

 See, he's quite a catch. Hahaha.

 The MC asked a question and for two person that could get to the stage ASAP got lipstick. So two that can manage to get to the stage before any other can were the ones wearing black. The left one actually look a bit like a male with tons of surgery (im sorry, but she/he looks like shemale, but s/he was quite nice though). So the MC asked them to dance first and s/he really do a super fun dance hahaha. Oh, btw s/he jumped to the stage while the other one using stairs. Seriously, s/he literally jumped like a man, hahhaa, the stage was like my chest height i guess. Hahaha.

 And this man suddenly also came to the side of the stage and kept on dancing. A weird one, but so funny. I seriously laugh when i saw him dance and he really put on a happy face. LOL

Next quiz, same rule, but this one even more chaotic, the right one using stairs and the brown clothes one literally jumped to the stage and her underwear was all over her you know, like she used a really big white pampers (the one like lolita short pants i guess). But people can see it and i was in the front and it was a bit disturbing, sorry to say, i mean come ooonnn, it's embarrassing move for only one lipstick that doesn't event cost fortune! I almost fainted seeing that. But she was enjoyed it, sooo..i can't really give any comment if she's happy and comfy with that @_@ 
I only share what i thought as a woman seeing that in front of my face. Oh, i almost got hit by her shoes, thankfully i stand a bit further like half meter away, luckily. So im safe from a "shoes in my face accident". Thats also why im talking about this on my blog.

     And oohh!! SURPRISE! Sophie was there!!! She just came and it was so nice! She's so pretty, just like how i remembered her when i was a little kid, a living porcelain doll (with wrinkle now hehe), but she's still super pretty and beautiful, lucky i can see her so close and almost take a selfie with her too, unfortunately her body guard just took her away, and she was like "sorry". So happy to know that she's so humble in real life. 

Oh, i recorded some of short video while she sang "murder on the dance floor"!

After that the seminar finally really ended and then we went for a lunch that they already served. We also meet Syusyu, one of beauty blogger friend that also a MUA, he came all the way from Malang to join the Colour Olympic Makeup Contest on 25 oct 2014, unfortunately he didn't win though, but it was nice meeting him!
AND... While im at it, here are also some selfie! Hehehe.

Me - Fia

 Me - Yuka - Fia

 Me- Yuka

 Yuka - Me - Fia

  Yuka - Me - Fia

I also have some other pics with Syusyu and other, but it's on my phone and im too lazy to move it here, so i hope you enjoy all the selfie here hahhahaha. 

     Oohh, i also shopping a bit because they gave us this IDR 150k voucher without minimum. At first i only want to get me a lipstick or whatever that doesn't really more than the voucher, because i didn't plan to waste my money there. But then Fia doesn't want to use her voucher because some thing and i asked her to give me the voucher and she agreed! Oh my god! She's so kind! So in the end i bought this blush on palette that consist of 8 colors and only have to pay for IDR 60k! It's sure something! :)
Thank you Fiaaaaaaaaaaaa :*

Plus, i also got one lipstick from the seminar!

That's a wrap! See you on my next post, angels!


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