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Experience: Hair Coloring with L’Oréal Paris Excellence 4.26 Purple Brown - Lembaran Baru 'Unveils The Excellence in Me'

Hey guys!

     Back again with me! Or at least the english version since last time i wrote the posts in Indonesia. But I want to share my experience coloring my hair with L'Oreal Paris Excellence 4.26 Purple Brown by MY SELF! I know it's maybe not a big deal for you, but it is for me! As i never ever coloring my hair before, EVER! So let's take a peak of my fun time coloring the hair! Hehehe.

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Blog Label: Yellow
Experience: Hair Coloring
Brand: L’Oréal Paris
Name: L’Oréal Paris Excellence - 4.26 Purple Brown
Made In: China
Price : IDR 120k (around USD 10)
Price based on Indonesia store.

     Long story short, i got this hair color from attending L'Oreal Event: 'Lembaran Baru' Unveils The Excellence in You, like almost two months ago. Well, they have this new hair colors,  L’Oréal Paris Excellence 4.45 Mahogany Copper Brown and L’Oréal Paris Excellence 4.26 Purple Brown. Before this new shades, they already have like 20 colors, which you can choose all you need and want.
    Then i have this small consultation with the BA to decided what color is okay for me. Based on the consultation, i have this more into warm tone, so they tell me what color is okay for me and since i got 4.26 Purple Brown, i asked as well whether it suits me or not. Luckily, the BA said it's okay as well, since the purple also has a hint of reddish brown, which is perfect for warm tone. So then my journey started.

    Well, i want to show you the packaging of the product first before we start on my experience hehehe.
     So the box is not too small nor big. With a picture of the lady in the front using the hair color as the number shown. Mine is 4.26 Purple Brown. In the back you can see finishing look, whether you have this brownish black color as a start or brown color. Basically it's not too different, only if you start from the brown hair, the finishing color is more lighter.

The sides of the box. It explain the caution and also what's on the box. 

 Upper side.

Lower side.  

 Well, you can cut this part and store it on your wallet, in case you forget your color. Hehehe.

     And these are what inside the box! I think it's actually already complete for a new hair, pronto! But, if you prefer using coloring comb (like in saloon), you're also welcome. Me myself also using the coloring comb as well and also the normal applicator and the comb applicator from the box. Psstt, they also give each of the main product a number, so you'll not get lost ;)


     I actually had a hard time deciding whether i should color the hair or don't. Frankly i never EVER change my hair color (did i mention it before? hehe), not that i won't to, but my mom always said no, she said it'll ruin my hair. Well, i do believe her to be truth, why? I saw so many girls with another hair color and their hair is simply dry and coarse and having those scary split ends! I don't want anything bad happen for my hair of course (i even freak out because of my hair lately fall off so easily, it scares me to have a bald head hahaha), so i never did color my hair.
     But coming to that event and get this hair color makes me reaaaally want to try, especially after i saw the brand ambassador, Dian Sastro, with her new hair by L'Oreal Excellence and it still looks so smooth and nice. Plus then i read the press release, that said this L'Oreal Excellence using triple care technology, which allow it to protects the hair, before, while, and after the coloring. Then i asked my boyfriend whether i should try it or no. Luckily, my bf said it's a good thing for me to have a brand new hair color, he said have courage and just do it! So i did. The day after our conversation, before i change my mind hahahhaa.
     Well, i didn't do it that day because i need to try the allergy test first. Of course i don't want something bad happen. So first thing first i tried the cream colorant in the back of my ear for a day. To be save you can do the allergy test for 48hr, but it's too long for me, i might change my mind hahaha. After making sure nothing happen to my skin, i finally did it!

     Well, before you do it you might want to read the manual carefully and you can also google anything about hair coloring at home tips and trick before doing it (just to make sure, i'm a bit paranoid sometimes lol).

Put on the gloves, i'm serious.

1. Use The Protective Pre-color Serum
     Okay, you might want to use this pre-color serum first before you color your hair, to make sure that your hair is save and sound when colored. I use it as much as i could, it does makes my hair feel soft though hahhaaha.

 2. Let's Color The Hair!
     Then after i used all of the pre-color serum and wait for a while. I start on mixing the magic formula for my brand new hair! Simply put on the cream colorant into cream developer bottle. Then mixed it hard by shaking the bottle and cut the tip of the cap right away. Make sure you don't shake it too long, the mixture can be too much and break the bottle.

    You can see the bottle is now having your color mixture! It's time to put it on your hair! First i use the normal applicator and put the mixture all over my roots. I also use a coloring comb (the one like brush) to make sure that the mixture is spreading evenly on my roots. Then after i was done with my roots, i changed the normal applicator into the comb applicator and use it for my entire hair. It does feel easier to evenly spread the mixture all over my hair. So happy that they have this kinda applicator (makes my first trial so much easier hahhaa).

     After i was sure that all of my hair already covered well with the color (i used all the mixture to make sure hahhaa), then i leave it for about 30minutes before wash it off.

 Patiently waiting for 30 minutes while watching my favorite tv series: Charmed :)

3. Wash It Off
     After the wait is over, go straight to the bathroom and wash it. First rinse it only with water (preferably warm water) thoroughly until water runs clear a.k.a no more color residue still linger on your hair. Then take the protective conditioner balm and put it through the hair and massage it gently. Leaf for about 2 minutes before rinse it. Because the balm is a lot, you may save the leftover for later use.
Dry your hair! I just wait for it to dry naturally.

 4. See the Result!
     Well, i should say the result is quite making me happy! It's not tooooo light, by all means on the dim light, you might not notice the color change, but in the perfect light (especially in under the sun), the color look so nice! It's purple brown, but also has this reddish reflection. So it looks quite nice. I mean, i don't like a sudden big change, so it's a perfect start :)

     See the different right? Sorry my cam is a bit annoying. Anyway my hair before is black with a hint of brown and after is purple brown with a hint of red! I love it! Since i love it, i decided to color my hair again with the same color, just to make the color more show hehehe.


     I loooovveee it! My first experience ever and it turns out nicely! Omg! Thank you L'Oreal for giving me such a smooth experience! Hahhaa i'm not kidding, im serious that i really felt happy of this lol. Actually this has giving me hope and also curiosity to finally try my other dream hair (like maybe red or blueblack or bronde, idk, but it's still sometimes later hehehe).
     All i can say to you who are still afraid to color your hair: GIVE IT A TRY! You won't regret it if you read all the manuals and also finding out the right color for you. And don't be afraid that the coloring process might ruin your hair (at least if you use this L'Oreal Excellence), because my hair is still feels smooooth! No dry hair. No split ends. It's great, really :)

+ complete set in one box
+ great color
+ super easy to use
+ easy and complete instruction to read
+ no allergy appear
+ doesn't damage my hair
+ give me courage to try another color in later time hahaha
+ the color stay vibrant

- it's not gonna give you a dramatic change (if you need one), but actually it's not exactly a cons for me hahaha

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

     Enough said, i love my experience and i'm glad i did it. Anyway to makes the color stay vibrant, i change my shampoo and condtioner into L'Oreal Color Vive (the red packaging one). I guess it does did the job well, since my hair color is still the same when i first color it. Plus to keep my hair out from damage, i also use L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil. Tattttaraaaaaaa, i'm happy. Maybe it's true when the said that changing hair color might bring happiness and also more confident :)

This is my "Lembaran Baru", how about you?


P.s bagi kamu yang blogger, L'Oreal juga lagi ngadain kontes “Lembaran Baru: Unveils The Excellence in Me with L’Oréal Paris Excellence”, yuk ikutan karena hadiahnya wow loh! Kontesnya cuma sampai tanggal 23 Juni 2015 ini aja, jadi jangan sampai ketinggalan ;)

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  1. Is it your first time dying your hair? I love this colour, but will it turn out on my hair like yours? I haven't dye my hair before, though my hair isn't exactly pitch black, it's more like dark grey.