Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Experience: Hair Coloring With L'Oreal Excellence for the Second Time! (With Video) - Lembaran Baru

Hey guys!

    I have a new experience to share! I actually it's my second time coloring my hair at home, but this time i made a video! I always want a different hair color, that's why normally i collected wigs, but now it's already my second hair coloring! (the same color though). My very first video of hair coloring hair, so it's not that great, but i hope from what i share you can actually learn something! Hehehe.

Lihat postingan dalam Bahasa Indonesia DI SINI

    Well, before that, i need to tell you that im not using any bleaching before, so the color will not be like in the packaging, but it's really cool when i'm in the right lighting. I like it this way for now. Anyway, im afraid that bleaching going to ruin my hair (it's still short, i can't just cut it when something bad happen errr). Luckily, using L'Oreal with the triple care technology can protect my hair before, while, and after the coloring, so it's totally hair friendly. Second time with the coloring, in no more than 2 months, but my hair still soft and no split ends!
     I made this video to show you that coloring your hair is super easy (at least if you use L'Oreal excellence)! I was afraid that it was hard before and that i could break my hair, but i found out that it actually easy and super safe! So i want to show you, that even if you're a newbie at coloring hair (like me), you don't have to be afraid, have courage and coloring!

Here's the video, it's bad, i'm not good at making video, but i tried my best hehehe. I hope it's clear enough for you guys! I'm using L'Oreal Excellence 4.26 in Purple Brown.

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     Maybe from the picture or the video you can't really see my hair color, but it's actually really pretty, purple brown with a shade of red. Especially when i'm under the sun, the color is amazing hehehe. Anyway this is my "Lembaran Baru" or 'new page', i also have a new bangs! I love experiencing with my hair actually, but L'Oreal really help me finding my courage to try the hair color! Super cool!

So guys, don't be afraid to color your hair! :)
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P.s bagi kamu yang blogger, L'Oreal juga lagi ngadain kontes “Lembaran Baru: Unveils The Excellence in Me with L’Oréal Paris Excellence”, yuk ikutan karena hadiahnya wow loh! Kontesnya cuma sampai tanggal 23 Juni 2015 ini aja, jadi jangan sampai ketinggalan ;)

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