Sunday, June 14, 2015

Review: Eau Thermale Avene Sunblock Emulsion SPF 50+

Hey guys!

    I'm back with a review! Now i'm going to review a sunscreen! Well, as you know, i just happened to discuss about SPF before and now i want to review a sunscreen from Avene, which is contain quite high SPF for UVB protection and also having a good UVA protection. So let's see how good it is shall we!

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Blog Label: Red
Brand : Avene
Name : Eau Thermale Avene Emulsion SPF 50+
Content: 50ml
Made In : France
Price : about IDR 329k (around USD30)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     First we'll see the packaging like usual :)

     Well, the box is made from thin cardboard with orange color and inside packaging is from a dove plastic kinda like. The packagng is simple but yet perfect for a sunblock since it use orange colors (yellow or orange color is nice for a sunblock packaging in my opinion hahhaa).

It claimed to be water resistant, paraben-free, soothing, included anti-irritating properties, hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin, light texture, gives a normal to combination sensitives skin a matte finish.

You can simplY open the cap and pump the sunblock into your hand! No messy sunblock and perfect amount everytime! I love the fact that this sunblock has a pump hehehe. 

     The texture is quite creamy in my opinion, but that's how most sunblock feels like (at least most sunblock i tried, not sunscreen okay, i guess sunscreen has a lighter texture). But then again, the texture is actually light when you pumped it for the first time, but you need to build it on your face fast because the texture feels thicker when blending, so do it fast. It does makes my face looks a bit white though, but in a few minutes the color will almost back to usual tone. And the result is dewy and look moist in my face, not really matte. You who loves a real matte face might find this annoying, but then again you can always put on makeup on the top of this. But the result feels dewy for me because i use it in a quite thick amount since i want it to protect my skin perfectly.

P.s apply this sunblock evenly 10-15 minutes before you go out.


     So far i dont mind with the sunblock at all! Since it's true that this Avene Emulsion doesn't makes my skin itch (sometimes i have this unusual allergy came out of nowhere). But luckily, i haven't experience it with this sunblock yet. It easily absorb in my skin, even though makes my face looks whither, but my skin will back to normal tone soon (it takes sometimes though when i applied a big amount).
     It may leave a bit of sticky feeling in few seconds after first applied, but then it feels softer and moisturized like just when using the day cream. It leaves my skin dewy and moist though, not matte, but idk if you apply just a teeeny bit amount of the sunblock. I prefer apply it thick though to protect my skin hehhee.
     I love pump! It makes putting on sunblock easier with the perfect amount!

+ paraben-free
+ water resistant
+ high SPF
+ quite light texture
+ easily absorb
+ dewy, moist and healthy look finish
+ not really sticky afterward
+ soothing
+ hypoallergenic
+ suitable for sensitive skin
+ non-comedogenic
+ love the pump

- white cast in first few minutes
- you need to apply it evenly fast or the texture feels thicker and harder to blend

Overall Rating: 4/5

     Well, in my conclusion this sunblock is still good for me with a minor cons, and so far it protects my skin! No harm to my skin as well, so i like it! I apply a reaaaaally huge amount of this sunblock every few hours when i'm outside hehehe, so it does feels a bit sticky, but if i apply it on perfect amount, it'll be just nice. But i prefer protected skin better though (seeing those dark spot under my eyes freaks me out a bit).

     If you want to try this baby by your self, you can just simply buy it on drugstore like, watson or guardian, they usually have it. Anyway you can also choose the type of the sunblock and the SPF too!

That's all my review for now! Anyway what sunblock brand do you like most??
Anyway don't forget to check on my review about Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray!



  1. Eh iya lho la, aku juga ngerasa emang whitecast gitu pas awal pake jadi kaya blonteng-blonteng hehehe btw ola folback yaaaaa :*

    1. hahahha iya, emang white cast gitu, tapi untungnya gw ga begitu masalahin sih.. soalnya kalau di blend cepet macem pake bb cream.
      Oke sip, nanti ku follow back reiny :D