Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Review: Natural Honey Hand & Body Lotion - Pure White, Firm & Youthful, Antioxidant

Hey guyyyss!

     Right now i want to share a review of my current favorite hand & body lotion! It's from Natural Honey Hand & Body Lotion! I got three variants to review, so let's just check it out!

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Brand : Natural Honey
Name : Pure White - Firm & Youthful - Antioxidant
Content: 200ml
Manufactured In : Indonesia
Price : about IDR 15k (around USD1)
Price based on store in Indonesia.

     First we'll see the packaging~

     Well, the packaging is quite simple (and doesn't really catch my eyes to be honest), the only differences between each variant is the sticker in front of the packaging and the back.

1. Pure White

Natural Honey Pure White

     Natural Honey Pure White can make your skin brighter and protected because:
  • Pure Honey helping moisturizing the skin and also makes skin healthy. 
  • Yogurt is so good for a good and better skin.
  • Vitamin B3 can prevent melanin growth so your skin will look brighter. 
  • SPF 30 PA++ will protect your skin from UVB and UVA.

2. Firm & Youthful

Natural Honey Firm & Youthful

     This one is perfect for a firm and youthful skin because:
  • Pure Honey helping moisturizing the skin and also makes skin healthy. 
  • Yeast Extract act as skin conditioner.
  • Collagen help with firmness and makes your skin stays young.
  • 24h Formula can lock the moisturizer inside your skin cells up to 24hr.

3. Antioxidant

Natural Honey Antioxidant

     This Natural Honey body lotion is good for active person, that the lotion help prevent the skin from the bad environment (like pollution, etc) because:
  • Pure Honey helping moisturizing the skin and also makes skin healthy.
  • Orange Extract have a rich Vitamin C for antioxidant. 
  • Double UV Protection protect the skin from sunlight.
  • 24h Formula can lock the moisturizer inside your skin cells up to 24hr.

Left Pure White |  Middle Firm & Youthful | Right Antioxidant

   Anyway i got a little video to compare the texture and the differences between three of them like i already told above. But it's in Indonesia, well, cliff notes version, the pure white has this light texture and more watery, the antioxidant is much alike like pure white and firm & youthful is the most thick and creamy, but all of them can easily absorbed on skin.


     Well, to be truth, i love this Natural Honey hand & body lotion!! So far it's really moisturizing my skin, all of them. My skin also feels softer and refresh after using this. Even better, this lotion doesn't feel sticky and really absorbed on the skin.

+ moisturizing
+ fresh and softer skin
+ smells good
+ absorbed real well
+ no sticky feeling afterward
+ offers different variant that you can choose

- none yet

Overall Rating: 4/5

     If you want to try this, you can simply check on the supermarket near you, at least it's so easy to find here in Indonesia hehhehe.

See you on my next post!


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