Thursday, June 18, 2015

Review: Eau Thermale Avene - Thermal Spring Water

Hey angels!

    How do you do? Well i hope you're doing fine because i have another review for you! Hehehe. Today's review is a product that can keep your skin fresh even far after you wash your face with face wash! It's soothing and also anti-irritating! Well, it's Avene Thermal Spring Water spray, maybe you have seen it in so many store, so here goes the review!

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Blog Label: Red
Brand : Avene
Name : Eau Thermale Avene Emulsion SPF 50+
Content: 50ml
Made In : France
Price : about IDR100k (around USD10)
Price based on stores in Indonesia.

     First thing first, let's see the packaging!
 So i have two of them with each different packaging, which idk why. But the usual packaging that i saw in stores is the left one, maybe the right one is special packaging or something. 

     The packaging is simple and nice, with white color. The packaging is like a tin, so it's gonna be quite noisy when it fall. Anyway make sure that you don't expose it to temperature more than 50'c and also keep away from direct sunlight, because the container is pressurized with nitrogen. Plus do not burn it, even when it's already empty.
Well, usually it has this plastic sealer if it's new. 

Direction and also cautions in Indonesia.  

 Simply open the cap to use it and spray on!

     This is when i spray it to my hand. How to use it is simply spray a fine mist directly to your face or any skin area, wait for a couple moment and pat dry. I usually just wait it to dry by itself. It feels refreshing for sure, on hand or on my face. It' also moisturizing for me.
     So this Avene Spring Water is actually already been over 250 years! It's proven to be very good for sensitive skin. This spring water comes from mount Cevennes, deep inside the Orb valley, France. This spring water has a constant temperature, about 25.5'c, free from microbes and has pH7.5 (close to netral).
     They said this water is very good in helping people who has a skin problem. Well, thanks to Avene that we can use this spring water without have to go to France hehhee. You can use it when your skin is normal (in a good condition) or when anything really, like for diaper rash, various irritations, razor burn, after hair removal, to set makeup, sunburns, facial redness, after exercise, in summer, during travel, anytime you like!
     The unique and constant composition gives it soothing and anti-irritating properties proven by numerous scientific studies. This is also tested by dermatologist, it is a key element for sensitive, hypersensitive, and allergic skin.


     Well, just so you know, i bring this stuff everyday now hahaha. I always want to try this but i was confused at first, i'm afraid that this gonna be just like a normal water that has no effect at all. Lucky me, i got to try this (because i attended avene event from IBB) and i'm in love! I mean, lately my face is in a bad condition, that the allergy often pop on my face, especially in my cheek+jaw, and it's really itch. But now when the allergy appear, i always spray this avene spring water and the itch is quite gone and it really soothing my face. So i really like it. Especially when it's summer like, this avene spring water is perfect when my face in heat without have to ruin my makeup (since it can be use as makeup setting as well!).

+ soothing
+ anti-irritating
+ good for sensitive and allergic skin
+ can be makeup setting
+ easy to bring since it's small
+ easy to use
+ can be first aid for allergy before i can take any medication
+ refreshing

- nothing yet so far

Overall Rating: 4/5

     I'm gonna keep stock for this one hahahha, at least until my allergy getting better :P

     If you want to try and buy this, you can simply get it at drugstore like watson or guardian. They also have different sizes, mine is the smallest one. If you want to bring it anywhere better choose the small one, but if you want to keep it at home, you can buy the big one!

That's all my review for now and don't forget to check on my review about Avene Sunblock Emulsion as well! See you!

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