Friday, June 20, 2014

EOTD: Colorful Sariayu Borneo B-02 (With Tutorial)

Aloha pretty!

     Im back with EOTD! Well this one is pretty special, because i only use eyeshadow from Sariayu Borneo B-02 for this simple yet pretty eye makeup!

     So weeks ago i bought this pretty brand new little eyeshadow from Sariayu. And the colors are pretty! Well it's also super pigmented like other Sariayu's eyeshadow, which made me in love!

See pretty colors combination right? Yellow, Blue and Pink! Well, the yellow is like highlighter (a.k.a stabilo) yellow, it's a bit shocking but still pretty :)

     Actually i already made this EOTD few weeks ago, but i havent post it, because i have so many things to do and when i have a bit time i got lazy, so yeah, i just post it now! Hahaha, and it's actually a really fast and simple eye makeup, so nothing special about it, but i hope you like it!

Here's a detail of the eye makeup:

Quite pretty right? hehe

So here goes the tutorial!
1. Prime your eyelid and apply 'Pink' all over your eyelid.
2. Add 'Blue' to the outer corner v of your eyes and a bit on the crease, then blend it well with the pink color.
3. Add 'Yellow' in the inner corner of your eyes.
4. Apply black liner into a cat eye shape.
5. Also apply black liner in your lower lash and waterline about half of the eye.
6. Put on your mascara and add your natural false lashes.
Tadaaa, you're done! Very easy right? :)

Product used:
-Viva Eye Base Gel
-Sariayu Eyeshadow - Borneo B-02
-Makeover Liquid Eye Liner - Black
-Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara
-D'eyesee False Lashes - 4092
-Omega Funky Tones Contact Lens - Grey


That's all! Thanks for stopping by and stay adorable :)



  1. hah... sukaa warnanya! cakep juga eotd nya Ola!

  2. Cakep eotdnya, tapi warnanya masih agak kurang pop out ya? Padahal itu udah pake primer. Nice tutorial <3

    1. hmm mungkin kurang pop out krn emang aku di mata pakenya not much n warnanya jg soft, tapi kalau di swatch di tangan gitu dia sama lah kaya sariayu yg 25 eyeshadow itu :3

  3. Bagus banget sih kakkk
    Simple tapi kalo nggak tau stepnya keliatan complicated.
    top dehh :)

    Btw follow back ya kak :))

    Thank you :)