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Review: Bangkok Face Thailand Lotus Sparkling Mask and Gem Fruit Pudding Cream

Hey guys!

     Im back with a skin care review! This two are newest skincare from Thailand also best selling all over Asia because it offers so many amazing result, how cool is that! Curious enough?? Lets check below, trust me, it's worth :)

     So i got this babies about few weeks ago and ever since then i cant wait to share it with you guys! But one thing to another i was able to try this skin care on June 17, 2014. So it's almost 2 weeks of using this, but i already feel some benefit of using this, so now let's move to the product info~

Blog Label: Yellow
Brand : Bangkok Face Thailand
Name : Lotus Sparkling Mask and Gem Fruit Pudding Cream
Content: 14ml
Made In : Thailand
Price : IDR 229k (around USD22)

     A little about this brand as i checked and i quote from their website :

    " Throughout historical periods, Thailand has been called the land of florae that powerfully separate beauty from imagination while making it possible for every Thai woman. Here at Bangkok face, we aim to instill the skin to react with its usual biology by bringing Thai natural extracts as the natural intermediates.  We seek botanical extracts selecting the best quality out of them from all over Thailand. These wonderful Thai plants and fruit were brought for extractions by our specialized researched and developments who have an insight in Thai plants.
     Devoting our resources for researches, we are striving to fulfill women’s dreams through our skin care products that cover all various results including whitening, anti-aging, and hair care that are well-matched with Asian skin and life styles under the tropical modern concept that is classy, fabulous, and contemporary.
Bangkok face is now ready to declare our Thai beauty secret to the world.
     Bangkok Face True Beauty Has No Boundaries and anyone ​who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old."

Now let's check on the packaging first

Source: bangkok face thailand facebook page

As i quote form the website, this lotus sparkling mask has some benefits, which are:
 Whitening - Firming - Producing powerful skin products - Pore tightening - Spot correction  - Anti-acne - Anti-oxidant

The box is quite small with dominant of pink and white colors, with lotus flower on the side of the packaging. This is the new box, which pretty different with the old box. While the old box looks like this:

As you can see it has that small details on the upper part, but the new one just a plain square box with a plastic cover outside. So you'll know that the box is still new or already opened, just check the plastic cover. I already get rid of my plastic cover when i took this picture.

 This is one side of the box, contain the ingredients, which are:
water, glycerin, propylene glycol, caprylic/capric triglyceride, ethoxydiglycol, glyceryl, monostearate, cetyl alcohol, citrus junos seed extract, caulepra lentillipera extract, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter) extract, nulumbo nucifera flower extract, dimethicone, cyclomethicone, stearyl alcohol, PEG-75 stearate, ceteth-20, stearate-20, tocopheryl, acetate, 2-phenoxyethanol, perfume, xantham gum, mica, edta, sodium hyaluronate.

And this are their active ingredients as i found on their site:
 This is the other side of the box. I know the explanation in the box is way too small, so let me just write it here:
"The purification of beauty that is heart-worthy and well-match with Asian gorgeous skin."
Celebrate to Thai herbs society for getting one more step ahead toward beauty when Thai scientists have found a way to extract Lotus stamen for the used in cosmetic society. Lotus is a plant that was discovered approximately 3000-4000 years ago in Thailand. Lotus that we used can only be found in tropical zone, especially on Thai nutrient rich soils, since it cannot survive the cold. Apart from being used in Buddhist rite, this plant is renown country-wide for the use in cosmetic manufacture an active ingredient because it has an ability to act as anti-oxidant to slow down aging processes. It also acts as anti-inflammation and whitening agent that is guarantee by Thai people to be very effective."

The back side, also with very small font for the explanation -.-
"The skin lighteners for ultimate beauty solution.
Lotus sparkling cream is the ultimate all in one solution for whitening processes. It contains various extracts from the pure deep blue ocean that enhances cells energy reform as well as producing new healthy cells, repairing damages cells intensely up to DNA levels. Meanwhile the key ingredients, Royal lotus stamen extract, new innovative of whitening agents that directly inhibit tyrosinase enzyme naturally brightens and assists in keeping the skin clear as it protect your skin by acting as anti-inflammatory as well. Additionally, Green Caviar extracts which is one of those things that always has an air of luxury, contains almost all of essential amino acids that our skin needed, meanwhile, having moisturizing and emollient properties which help recovered aging, dried, and wrinkled skins. Give your complexion a fresh, new start while also leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft with lotus sparkling cream."

Directions: Apply cream thickly over your face and leave it overnight without washing off 2-3 times a week.

Or this picture might help with the direction:

So because this is a mask kinda like, so you dont have to use it everyday, 2-3 times a week is enough.

and this is under the box.

Now let's see whats inside~

A small round with jar with Bangkok Face Thailand grey sticker on top.

It's also dominant in white color with pink font. The jar is pretty sturdy, so it's okay if it fall i guess.

The back side with direction how to use the mask just like in the box.

 The cream is protected by a transparent cover when you open the cap.

This is the cream, it's like a normal cream only very slushy that normally it made a mess because the contest always stuck on the transparent cover if you put it on the wrong direction. This cream has a nice smell like a handbody perhaps, but it does smell good (at least for my nose).

See, it's very slushy and watery.

 After i swipe it a 2 times.
This is after i swipe it evenly on part of my hand. As you can see it's very moisturizing and my hand's fine lines is appear smoother. It's also like that on my face. It gonna leave a bit sticky feeling at first but in about 15 mins usually the cream is already absorb well and leave my skin tighten and feeling really soft, even thought it gonna feels a bit wet when i touch it. But it does making my skin feeling so fresh and nice. 

Source: bangkok face facebook page

 So, as i quote from bangkok face website, this pudding cream has some benefits:
- Firming-lifting
 - Anti-oxidant
 - Whitening
 - Revitalizing
 - Pore tightening

Well, the box is almost the same with the lotus sparkling mask one, with dominant pink and white colors and else. But of course with different tittle and different picture. It has a picture of pomegranate on the side. This one is also their new packaging, the old one just like the one i mention on the lotus sparkling mask above. When i took this picture i already opened the plastic cover as well.

The side of the box, contains ingredients:
Water, lepidium sativum sprout extract, acmella oleracea extract, hydrogenated palm kernel, glycerides, propylene, glycol, punica granatum fruit extract, arbutin, ethoxydiglycol, polyamide-, cetyl, alcohol, hydrogenated ethylhexyl, olivate, hydrogenated olive oil, triethanolamine, argania spinosa sprout cell extract, malus domestica fruit cell culture extract, crocus chrysanthus bulb extract, evodia rutaecarpa fruit extract, hordeum vulgare seed extract, ectoin, glyceryl, stearate, PEG-75 stearate, ceteth-20, stearate-20, dimethicone, ascorbyl palmitate, tocopheryl acetate, glutathione, carbomer, phenoxyethanol, sodium acrylates copolymer, hydrogenated polyisobutene, phospholipids, polyglyceryl-10 stearate, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, edta.

And gem fruit pudding cream active ingredient as i found on their website:

 This is the other side:
"The sparkling glow jewel that flawlessly serve your skin.
Pomegranate is a gorgeous fruit with luxury natural scent. It grows in Thailand and other Asian countries. However, we found that pomegranates from Thailand are the best candidate for cosmetic revolution because they contain the highest concentration of phytochemicals, such as polyphenols, anthocyanins, antrocyanidins, ellagic acid derivatives, and hydrolyzable tannins. These enzymes come from seeds, skins, and juice aid in reducing oxidant activity, dark spots, extra oil on skins, and bacteria while firming and brightening your skin effectively as well. Ellagic, rich in flavonoids, will particularly add vitamins and minerals to your skin and reduce toxic substance that might cause harmful effects especially cancers.

The back side:
"An all-day all-night, natural cream repair that is formulated with the glowing jewel of Thailand, Pomegranate extract, a gorgeous fruit with natural luxury scent that can be used as a shortcut for beauty. It provides your skin with superior firming and moisturizing properties that help to fight against the ongoing effect of aging. Pomegranate contains the high concentration of various phytochemicals that is well-known for its efficacy in adding vitamins and minerals to your skin while reducing toxic substances. Apple stem cells are rich in epigenetic factors which slow down pores damaging processes. Meanwhile, dermcom from Crocus chrysanthus acts like growth factor making your skin become delicate as silk returning moisture and youthfulness to your skin ultimately. Furthermore, the hidden special feature is the texture of cream itself which resemble pudding. With out exclusive smooth and bouncy texture, you will be captivated by this fine piece of cosmetics that gives you a fun feeling and elastic sensation. Therefore, put the power of Thai herbs on your side, only to look younger and more beautiful as the result."

Directions: Apply to entire face routinely day and night

Here's what inside! The same with the lotus sparkling mask.

Like the one before, this gem fruit pudding cream is also on a small white jar with bangkok face thailand grey sticker on top.

The jar is white dominant with pink font. 

The back contain directions of using this cream like in the box.

The texture of the cream is thick with orange peach color.

The texture does seems and smell nice like a pudding. I really like the smell, it makes me hungry haha.

When i swipe it about two times.

 After i swipe evenly on the side of my hand. Unlike the lotus sparkling mask, this one is easily melt with the skin and absorb real fast. It leaves a really nice feeling, like when i used my primer from the balm (time balm), that's the feeling. Tightens and really really REALLY soft. I seriously cant stop touching my face everytime i used this. This cream really tightening the skin and leaves an elastic sensation. 


     So i've been using it for almost two weeks now. I didnt really have the picture because it doesnt not cure acne. I cant take picture of my skin elasticity for sure hahhaa. So let me just explain it, i do love it! Why? the lotus sparkling mask surely did what it was meant to, which are: Whitening - Firming - Producing powerful skin products - Pore tightening - Spot correction  - Anti-acne - Anti-oxidant.
     It does makes my face a bit brighter, but not instantly like a snow white of course. It firming my face for sure and softens it. My pore is also a bit tighten even though it's still shows, but it's better i guess. About anti acne, i cant say anything because i do have acne this several weeks, but it was hormonal (i have a bad hormone), but it doesnt break out in my skin, so it's okay. The first conclusion is i like this Lotus sparkling mask so well, it's also smell nice and moisturizing my skin. I love it how i woke up in the morning with a soft and nice feeling on my face.
     Then the Gem Fruit pudding cream and its benefit which are: - Firming- lifting - Anti-oxidant - Whitening - Revitalizing  - Pore tightening. Basically it's almost the same with the lotus, like they happened to work together to bring back the youthful in our skin. It doesn tightening my skin, especially when im using it. I love how it turns my skin really smooth and nice. Like i mention before, i always love to touch my face after using it! It feels like im wearing a face primer, smoothly soft and bouncy! So in conclusion i also love this Gem Fruit pudding cream!
+ Softens skin
+ Provide anti-oxidant
+ Help your skin from aging fast
+ Tighten, firming and lifting skin
+ Smell nice
+ Brightening the skin
+ Contain many natural ingredients
+ Pore tightening

- maybe it needs a better jar for the lotus sparkling mask because it's so watery
- maybe it needs a spatula to make it more hygienic
- the lotus cream need more time to absorb, so apply it 15-20 mins before going to bed

Overall Rating: 4/5

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