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Review: Benefit They're Real! Push-up Liner

Hey guys!

      So right now im having a family gathering but i need to post this review right away, but i think it might get postponed till tomorrow, sorryyy. But let me tell you that im going to review newest innovative product from Benefit who claimed can solve your biggest beauty dilemma of all time - lining your eyes. Hahaha, so does this product really solve it? Check my review below!

Blog Label: Red
Brand : Benefit
Name : They're Real! Push-up Liner
Content: 1.4g
Made In : Japan
Price : IDR 340k (around USD 34, but suggested price in US $24)

     So you know that i attended Benefit Press Conference and launching last week and i promised to review their newest product that i got! If you haven't read the even report, click HERE. Anyway i actually already write a little knowlegde about this eyeliner on my even report, but here goes a little bit about this newest eyeliner from Benefit as i quote from my event report post:
     So Real innovation by Benefit right now consist of three essentials, which are They're Real! mascara, They're Real! push-up liner and They're Real! remover. I heard that the mascara is superb, but i havent get to try it yet, maybe later (it's pretty much expensive for a budget beauty blogger like me hahhaa).

     So, this no ordinary eyeliner, this one is the FIRST EVER lash-hugging gel liner in a pen! Wow right? Usually you gonna have to use brush for a gel eyeliner, but this one is a pen, it sure a new idea! This aiming for your beauty dilemmas of all time, yes, lining your eyes! Hahaha. Yes, this one is created to make it easy for you to draw a perfect line :)
     As i quote; 3 reasons it's a Real beauty breakthrough:
1. The waterproof matte black gel formula doesnt smudge, budge or dry out.
2. It's a gel liner in a pen!
3. The innovative AccuFlex tip makes it BEYOND EASY to get close to your lash line!

     Wow right! i mean the closer you can get to the lash line, no more unfilled part in your lash line! And it's waterproof, non smudge, so it's perfect even for swimming, no more panda eyes :D

      Well, the soft, angled tip makes it easy for you to draw the line, it can glides across the curve of the eyelid, and also maximum control from every angle. Then, the flat, wide guard can gently pushes lashes aside so you can get closer to the lash line. Last, the wide base provides a more stable application. 
Then they also have this survey, result observed in a consumer panel survey that:
91% said it was long-wearing
81% said it was waterproof
88% said it hugged the lash line
84% said eyes looked visibly larger"
     So, that's a bit about this eyeliner, now lets move on to the review~~

As always, lets check out the packaging first :)
 This is the front view of the packaging. Real cute with dominant black and orange. Quite eye catching even though it doesnt look that exclusive.

 Upper detail: as you can can see that they describe the product in simple way "lash-hugging gel liner pen"

More detail: it contain 1.4g Net wt.0.04 oz.

Side detail: It's the result of their survey that i stated above on the "Product Info".

Other side: They explain their innovative tip, the AccuFlex tip.

The eyeliner is made in Japan. And i guess those two symbol explain that inside there are pen eyeliner and also the manual. Hahaha idk, correct me if i was wrong :P

The back side with black and white colors.

Detail on the back of the package.

 Ingredients detail on the back side.

 And here're what inside! Tadaaa, the pen eyeliner and also the manual :)

This is the front side of the pen with tittle "they're real! push-up liner"

The back side of the pen.

The cap, you should twist it to open the cap.

You dont have to worry whether the eyeliner is new and hygienic or not, because it's protected by a small orange AccuFlex tip protector. You just have to open and discard it if you want to use it for the first time.

Here's the AccuFlex tip after the protector is discarded. Unique tip right? It's made of some kind of rubber.

After i twist the base to push the gel to the tip.

    The Manual.

    Basically the manual explain how to use this eyeliner in English and few others language which i didnt take picture of. Due to my kindness, i will just write the manual here, because i know most of us are too lazy to zoom the picture, so here it goes:
Tip1. Prep The Pen - 
 For first-time use, remove the AccuFlex tip protector and discard. Activate they're real! push-up liner by twisting base around until gel is delivered to tip (i had to twist mine more than 30times btw).

Tip2. "Push Up" The Gel Liner -  
For daily use, just twist the base once for both eyes (well, now you know why they name it 'push-up liner')

Tip3. Hug Your Lashes....Every Time! - 
 Resting the AccuFlex tip on the base of your lashes, slowly guide along your lashline from either the inner or outer corner. The angled AccuFlex tip works both ways (was wondering about hugging the lash line back then? i guess they mean that no empty spaces on your lash line anymore, because the eyeliner tip could reach it, yay!). 

Tip 4. Looks You'll Love...For Real! 
 (i guess what they mean that your trouble with having a straight line and a nice winged liner are over.)

Well they also have two tricks:
Trick 1. Put Your Stamp On It! - 
"Stamp" along the lashline for total control...and a straight line everytime. Go steady! (i think this means that you dont have to worry anymore to put on your eyeliner in on slide, because this eyeliner is up to it).

Trick 2. Double The Real! -
Wear they're real! push-up liner AND they're real! mascara together for beyond longer lashes AND bigger-looking eyes (yup, to have a better result you should try the mascara as well).

Now lets see the swatch and does it really as good as it told??
First i tried it on my hand because after twisting the base i got way too many gel liner pushed up to the tip. As you can see that the eyeliner is super pigmented. Wondering how it works on my eyes? Let's check below!

     So yesterday i went to the gym and i never use any makeup to the gym before, but to test this eyeliner, i brace my self into using eyeliner to the gym, thank God only few people was there that morning hahhaa.It was awkward really.
     Just like in my hand, the gel liner was also super pigmented on my eyes and the black is so intense, this is what i love about gel liner. I apply it with "thin and natural" mode. Because i really wont get caught using eyeliner to the gym somehow hahha.

     So this was me after gym. Sorry for the oily and weird look. Anyway i tend to rub my eyes everytime. So i tried hard not to rub the other eye just for checking the differences. Anyway i guess oily, wet and rubbing could dissolve the eyeliner. But the other one was okay without my hand interfere. 

      Right after i got home, i rushed into shower to see if it's really waterproof or no. So the result that this eyeliner is waterproof, but not rubbing-proof hahaha. So in the first picture i was still wet and my eyes which wasnt get rub, still have this dense black color eyeliner while the other that i rubbed has almost no eyeliner left.
      The second picture, i rubbed both eyes with my eyes and also my towel. It dissolved, but still left. Then in the last picture i already removed the eyeliner all together with Brand X remover. And all of the leftover was perfectly gone.

      So after i took a shower, i went with my bf to some mall. And to test the eyeliner again, i used it at about 1.30 pm. Now i make it thicker and more dramatic than before (yup winged liner) and as you can see the color is so intense and i love it.

     Then i went home at about 4pm. But i had a family gathering as i mention up up up above, so it was my chance not to remove the liner just yet. It was pretty hot night and my eyelid was getting more more oily, plus it also sweating. But i tried hard not to rub it because i want to see how long that this last.
     Well, i ended up rubbing my inner v a few times, thats why the eyeliner is a bit gone on my inner v, hahahha, bad habit die hard. But i should say that without rubbing it works pretty well! The color was still intense except for the part that i rubbed. I wash my face a few times and dry it by patting my face and eyes on the towel (not rubbing it). So in conclusion it really last long even if you wash it (but not rub it).


     So like my elaboration above, i love this gel liner! I always love using gel liner though, that's why this gel pen AccuFlex tip innovative is surely amazing! It make gel liner even easier to use, this was my first time using this product and it was easy! And more amazingly, it makes me easier to draw a winged liner and i dont have to worry about drag one long line because the line ended up perfectly well. And as the claimed, yes this eyeliner doesnt smudge, budge or dry out. It dissolve like small flake so no panda eyes. It also does make it easy to get close to my lash line, because i can fill the empty part between my lashes better than any other eyeliner i tried.
     As i proved on my two trial above, this eyeliner it is long-wearing. It also waterproof, even though it's not oily-proof or rubbing-proof, which actually i really need as well hahaha. Then it does makes my eyes visibly larger. Plus the color is so intense and the eyeliner dry so fast, i love it!
+ Cool innovative "AccuFlex" tip.
+ Easy to use
+ Intense and super pigmented color
+ Last long
+ Waterproof
+ Make my eyes look larger
+ Hugging lash
+ Easy to draw winged liner
+ Doesnt smudge, budge or dry out
+ Dry fast
+ It's a gel liner

- A bit pricey for budget blogger like me (mwahaha)
- The package doesnt really look exclusive for this price
- Not oily or rubbing proof

P.s it's a bit hard and took a quite sometimes to clean it with other brand remover, that's why they suggested to use "They're Real! Remover", stay tuned for my review about it! (The review is up, check it out HERE)

Overall Rating: 4/5

That's all, im sorry it's really long, but i want to make sure before i make any review hahaha. I hope it helps!


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