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Review: Yukkiyuna Eyelash


     Im back with a review! Annndd, it's not a skincare or hair care or makeup stuff, it's about false eyelashes! Who loves to wear falsies? You better check my review, because this lashes are simply Amazing. And you who havent dare to try to use falsie? yes you, better check this out as well, because you might want to try to use falsies for the first time ;)

     Anyway few weeks ago Yukkiyuna send me these beautiful lashes. Not only for me, but for another beauty bloggers too, because we have this special collaboration makeup featuring Yukkiyuna Eyelash. The very nice thing is, Yukkiyuna gave us 6 pairs of these beautiful lashes for each person! Unfortunately i only able to post this now, while my makeup collaboration look was up dayyyyss agooo.
Click HERE if you havent see my Fairies Makeup Collaboration :)

Lets move on the review right now!

Blog Label: Green
Brand :Yukkiyuna
Name : Yukkiyuna Eyelash
Content : a pair of human hair false lashes with glue (or without glue)
Made In : Indonesia
Price : IDR 15k (per pair without glue) and IDR 20k (per pair with glue) - Or about +/- USD 2

     Im gonna tell you a brief story about Yukkiyuna history if you didnt know yet hehe. So Yukkiyuna is a handmade product made 100% by Indonesian craftsman. Yukkiyuna owner's family had been making these beautiful lashes and exported them to foreign customer in years. But, the owner wanted to make a change and introduce "Yukkiyuna" as Indonesia products with an international standard and of course with affordable price.
     So then Yukkiyuna divided into 4 series and in each series include 8 models of lashes. And here are the series:
1. Sweet Look Series: For your natural beauty look.
S. Angel, S. Nature, S. Pure, S. Innocent, S. Feminime, S. Delight, S. Classy, S. Blossom 

2. Dolly Look Series: For your dolly look.
D. Merry, D. Charm, D. Kiss, D. Lovely, D. Sparkle, D. Bright, D. Twinkle, D. Romance

3. Queen Look Series: For your glamor look.
Q. Deluxe, Q. Precious, Q. Luxury, Q. Diva, Q. Twilight, Q. Victory, Q. Lady, Q.Allure

4. Perfect Look Series: For pretty lower lash addition.
P. Hope, P. Dream, P. Miracle, P. Glory, P. Joyful, P. Bless, P. Wish, P. Faith

Lets first we check the packaging :)
 As you can see the package is very cute and simple with Yukkiyuna girl smiling nicely on the package. Anyway the material is some kind of thin cardboard paper with dominant pink color and flowery design. It's not that durable but it wont easily broken too. 

Here's a close up for the front view. Yukkiyuna is so cute with pink headband and angelic face. Below the tittle, you can see a tagline which is "Look deeply into my eyes and feel my heart". 
Ahh sweet isnt it! Hahaha :)

 This is the back view. No more picture of sweet Yukkiyuna, only the tittle "Yukkiyuna Eyelash" with the same pink dominant color and flowery design. Plus there's also a brief description about Yukkiyuna eyelash which is the same in each model of the lash.

Here's the closer look. As you might have notice, each of the lash name is shown on the down right corner in the back. Read that "Joyful" sign? Thats one of the type of Yukkiyuna lashes. It's a small sticker like, so you can move it to anywhere you want if seeing the back of the package every time you want to use it is too troublesome.

Anyway the description says:
"Yukkiyuna Eyelash adalah hasil karya tangan pengrajin Indonesia. Terbuat dari rambut asli sehingga terlihat alami saat dipakai. Dapat digunakan berulang kali dengan perawatan yang tepat. Hadir dengan serangkaian pilihan model yang cantik dan menarik. Pancarkan indah mata Anda bersama Yukkiyuna"

or in english more or less:
"Yukkiyuna Eyelash is a handmade made by Indonesian craftsmen. It made entirely with human hair which makes it looks so natural when used. It can be use several times with proper care. Yukkiyuna comes with a beautiful and catchy model selections. Radiate your beautiful eyes with Yukkiyuna"

 On the bottom of the package you can see the 100% Indonesia Handmade logo. Im so proud! Another great products by Indonesia :)

On the one side of the package you can see "open", but actually you can open it from where ever side you want to.  

If you buy the one with glue, you will get one glue for each pair. The glue is working nicely and can be use many times before you run out, so dont worry.

Here's what inside. The lashes placed on a white small thin plastic tray.

Now lets see each details of my Yukkiyuna collection! :D

     Well, like i said i got 6 pairs of the eyelashes. But lucky me, because Yukkiyuna who choose the eyelash that i supposed to use on my fairy makeup, i actually got 7 pairs! 5 upper lashes and 2 lower lashes. Only, the one pair extra was combine in one place with another pair of lashes which made it looks longer and fuller, perfect for a fairy in my opinion hehe. But i will show you each of the eyelash!

1. Yukkiyuna Sweet Angel
This one is Angel, it's from Yukkiyuna Sweet Look series. 

See, it looks so natural and really blend well to my lashes. It makes me look like i dont use any falsies, but i actually does! I think this one is perfect for daily use.

2. Yukkiyuna Dolly Bright
This is Bright, this eyelash is from Yukkiyuna Lashes Dolly Look series.

This is thicker than the first one, but i think it's still looks quite natural for me and perfect if you want to make your eyes look bigger like a doll.

3. Yukkiyuna Dolly Charm
This one is Charm and like the Bright lash before, Charm is also from Yukkiyuna Dolly Look Series.

This may doesnt look as thick or as natural as the Dolly Bright, but it's also perfect for a dolly eyes look which can make your eyes pop but in more fierce way haha.

4. Yukkiyuna Queen Luxury
This one is Luxury and it's from Yukkiyuna Queen Look series. 

I actually really love this one, because this lashes is unique! It's long but not thick, but trust me somehow it still looks so natural and lovely. I guess this one is perfect for cat eyes or a theme makeup. Because maybe some of you will think this is way too long for a daily basis. 

5. Yukkiyuna Dolly Sparkle
This one is also from Dolly Look Series, the name is Sparkle. 

This one is also perfect to make your eyes look bigger! This lashes is long and also looks full when apply. This one is pretty much looks like the Dolly Charm one, but more natural.

6. Yukkiyuna Queen Luxury + Dolly Sparkle
This one i've been telling you about! So actually Yukkiyuna sent me this instead putting them in each package. I separated the two of this lashes to take each picture above. 

I love this combination so much! It makes my eyes pop out so well, it's thick and also long! Perfect for a theme makeup look and perfect for a fairy eyes! Love this :D

Well, that's the upper lashes and this is pictures of me using each of the lashes i stated above:
All of them look pretty right :D

Next i also get 2 lower lashes like i mention before and here they goes:

1. Yukkiyuna Perfect Dream
The name is Dream and it's from Yukkiyuna Perfect Look series. 

Because my eyes is small i normally wouldnt want to use a full lower lashes because it makes my eyes looks smaller in my opinion. But this one is nice and still looks quite natural. But perhaps im gonna trim it a little bit more, well it's more like a preferable, i like my lower lashes only up to my middle eyes and not full.   

2. Yukkiyuna Perfect Joyful
 This one is Joyful and also from Yukkiyuna Perfect Look series, because that's the lower lash series haha.

I like this one better than the first one, because it only half and i think this kinda eyelash makes my eyes look bigger hahhaa. But it looks also natural and full. 


    Okay, i seriously love this false lashes! Trust me, im not good with falsies and i always think it's disturbing and heavy. But Yukkiyuna Eyelash is match their tagline which is "Lightweight" it does feels light and it's not disturbing my eyes. I also love the texture of the lashes hair, it's fine and delicate. Also it's very tidy as well, im so proud because it's a handmade. Plus it can be use many times, with proper care of course! I already use one of the lashes up to 5 times and it still amazing!
     Then i suggested you to buy with glue as well, because the glue is nice. It's dry quite fast and stick so well on the eyes but doesnt hurt when you pull the eyelash later. It can be use more than 5 times for sure if you secure the cap properly after using the glue, or else it will dry. And psst.. it's so affordable :D

+ Cheap
+ Easy to find
+ Lightweight
+ Tidy Handmade
+ Many series and models
+ Reusable
+ Included nice glue
+ Made in Indonesia (im just a proud citizen haha)
- I think the package is so thin, maybe a bit sturdy cardboard.
- Stick the glue to the back of the plastic tray maybe much preferable (i find it pretty annoying to take of the tray and the glue drop from the package, i need to put out the glue to another jar because of it)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

I love this eyelashes and i guess you should try them, because it's so nice! Hahaha and perfect for any occasion, just make sure you use the right model :)


or simply chat Yukki directly to:

Line ID Yukkiyuna
BB PIN 76829A6A

The owner is so nice, so dont be shy to grab a pair or even all of the models!

     That's my review! Even thought this is an endorse review, trust me, i made this review based on my own experience and im 100% be truthful of what i wrote here. So dont worry, i rarely lies about something that feels uncomfortable to me.
     So i hope you enjoy reading this and find this useful! :)


pssstt, if you want to see tutorial of my EOTD in this review, click HERE :)


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