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Event report: Beauty Blogger Meet Up - 27 August 2014

Hey hooo~~

     Welcome October! My favorite month of the year (of course!) hahhaha. Im gonna open this whole new month with an event report! Well it's not an ordinary event for sure, it's the FIRST BEAUTY BLOGGER MEET UP eveeerrr!

Check the Indonesian version HERE

     Before we get into the event, i want to share you my struggle of getting a "kawaii" outfit. So when the email from ci Mei arrived about the event, i noticed that the dress code was "kawaii" outfit. I was like "oh dear" hahhaha. I'm not so sure i have any kawaii outfit. I mean dress can be kawaii, but it's boring don't you think?? After all, ci Mei, Tia and ci Nellin already put so much effort of making this event, so i was thinking, why don't i put some effort for making this event even more unforgettable by showing up with a nice outfit? So after a long thinking and not finding any solution, i finally looked up into my mom's wardrobe and found this sleeping kimono.

      Theeennn, I had this idea, why I don't make this kimono into an outfit which is more wearable daily?? It was a long kimono, about ankle length. I have to sewed it in half because I don't want to cut the kimono, but I don't want to wear a long kimono as well. After that, I have a hard time to pick the right skirt to match it and ended up with my black skirt. But it was too short without legging and I don't want to use any legging, so i have to sewed some more lace to the skirt, boring, but i did it! Hahaha, here's my outfit that day. I match it with strawberry clutch from Alice and Olivia and my pink glittery shoes from Gosh! :D

     Anyway the gathering was held at Nanny's Pavillon Central Park on a bright sunny day, 27 August 2014 to be exact. I came right about on time but I never came to Nanny's Pavillon Central Park before and it took me 15mins to find the restaurant, doh! But thankfully I wasn't late, the event wasn't starting yet. When i came some fellow beauty bloggers friend warmly greet me and it's so nice you know, like we already know each other for long hahaha.

     I signed up and get my food voucher before i went looking for a place to sit, since most of the bloggers already came and nowhere near my friends (that i know the name of) are empty, so i chose the one on beside the stranger blogger. Hahaha, i seriously never seen her before and she was quite calm. Awkward at first but then we started to talk and everything was nice! Btw her name is Rey. After that i noticed that Putri and Dila sat in front of me, plus not too long after i sat, Bunga, Ririe and ci Irene also came and sat near me.

 So this is Rey, but unfortunately i don't remember her blog, sorry...  ._.
     After that Ci Nellin and Tia opened the event! Yay! It was finally starting! They also told us, at each of the sponsor time for introduction session, we can upload pictures on twitter and instagram, since the lucky blogger can get additional prize while the event running. Unfortunately i didn't win any of those best twitter or instagram post, but i did win some other prizes :)

 Tia and Ci Nellin gave an opening introduction.

Next, let's move to the sponsors session! It started with V10 Plus session. In this session, they explain their new Water Based Peeling. We also get 3 sachets of it!
     So basically, this peeling has so many advantage like; making your skin more healthy, prevent acne, get rid of dead cells, nutrition for your skin and other. I tried it already at home and it's so nice! Review coming soon (too bad though they only gave us three, i guess im in love with it hahahaha). 

Lucky me, i won the best question and got this super cool serum from V10 Plus!! Wohoooo!

So these are what i got from V10 Plus session! Not bad, eh? :)
Lucky me, I've been wanting to try the peeling for quite sometimes, but somehow i never got a chance to buy it and now i can try it! Hehehe.

     Next session was from Make Over and also with Endi Feng. Endi has a makeup demo using Makeover products. He taught us tips and tricks for makeup in 10 minutes. Plus how to massaging your face while putting on serum or moisturizer to make your face even healthier!

     Plus we also got a nice goodie bag from Makeover! I got Liquid Lip Color and also eyeliner pencil. And lucky meee, i got the exact shade i want! Hahaha it's "Red Temptation". Why i said lucky? Because few days back i almost buy this lippie, but since the red temptation was out of stock, i canceled my plan, and now i got it, for free! So lucky right??

     Then, it's ZAP time! What is ZAP??? Well, basically you can get rid of those annoying unwanted hair from your body permanently!

     But you need to come for quite some session to fully get rid of that unwanted hair, but don't worry, they have this member promo. Which with only IDR 2.500.000 you can get a life time underarm treatment.What a nice deal for a life time treatment right? But wait a sec, i have even more good deal for you, you can sign for this membership only for IDR 2.250.000 ! How? you can just contact me right away because it's a special promo from me and ZAP :)

And these are what i got from ZAP; underarm whitening lotion, free one time treatment from ZAP, silver member card and 4 Zalora vouchers IDR 50k. Lucky again!

Then, it was time for Sally Hansen!

     So they launched this new nail products! It was so cuteeeee. They have this 2 package of Sally Hansen newest nail products for the blogger who can answer the question! I almost answered it, but i was wrong! Hahahaa. weird because i did only hear "three", but the answer was "four". But it's because the voice is too small, since the first opening session because they're not using any mic or the end i couldn't hear much of it. But no worry, I was quite lucky that day and somehow i got it in the end of the event! Hahaha, I'll tell you more later.

And these are what i got! Airbrush leg and also Vitamin E nail and cuticle oil! Never tried any of this before and I'm quite exciting :)

     After Sally Hansen session which was ended at about 12pm, we had a break. It was lunch time! Yippie! Gosh I was starving! I haven't eat anything since morning. But unfortunately the food wasn't that good.

Some friends said normally Nanny's food taste so much better than that. I didn't know since I never eat at Nanny's Pavillon, but surely my first trial wasn't so good. Sorry to say, it was a bit tasteless like it was lack of seasoning or something and the salmon wasn't tender much..AND it was a bit cold... But oh well, I was hungry so i ate all of it with lot of spicy sauce. Oh plus the waitress wasn't that friendly, she snapped at one or two of my friends because they changed seat place. It was so unprofessional. 

     But enough of my food and service complain, hahaha, after lunch it was Silky Girl session! Wohooo, now it was Carryn time to do a demo. Unlike Endy who gave full face demo, Carryn only gave us a eyeliner demo; how to put on eyeliner in a good way. She's good at choosing and applying eyeliner trust me hahaha.

She used Silky Girl gel eyeliner. It was one of my fave gel eyeliner for sure! The eyeliner color is intense and easy to apply.

Lucky me (again), i got this Silky Girl eyeliner right on time when mine is run out. Plus i also got a eyebrow pencil and also a lipstick! 

    Next was AYOU Beauty session, but there was no talkshow session or something but AYOU Beauty only gave us a really BIG goodie bag fill with joy and happiness. And we only have to take lots pictures and upload it on instagram or twitter. I was like "OH MY GOD! THANKS A LOT AYOU Beauty!!" when i opened my goodie bag.
You see why? AYOU Beauty gave us 4 different Armando Caruso brushes, makeup pouch and also a cool makeup powder jar which is so travel friendly! And i happened want to buy it like few weeks ago but i didn't because something else came up. IM SO LUCKY TO GET THIS FOR FREE!

But it wasn't done yet! Last but not least, it was media partner, Kawaii Beauty Japan session!

     This is Tia, Yamato-san and also Marcel introducing Kawaii Beauty Japan. They explain what so interesting about Kawaii Beauty Japan and how to became a writer there. Also you can be Kawaii Beauty Japan blogger, with that you will get the notice about newest event or free products or other fascinating thing. I personally have wrote some article about Kawaii Beauty Japan , so have you visit Kawaii Beauty Japan?? A lot of useful article you can read there! Don't forget to visit okay :)

     Then, at Kawaii Beauty Japan session, they also choose the best dress and i was like :O when Yamato-san choose me as the best dress! Then he also choose Fia because she used a really cute ear headbands! Hahaha! 
Photo Courtesy to Kania.

These are what i get from winning the best dress!
Cherrybelle by Cow Style! Never tried any of this, so surely pretty much exciting!

     All the sponsor and media partner sessions were all done, but wait! We still have a talkshow with Ci Nellin and Ci Mei! I was waiting for it! Hahhaa unfortunately i couldn't hear much, but i remember what i heard and hopefully I can apply it in my blogging life hahaha.

     They shared so many tips and tricks of becoming a good and professional blogger. How to deal with company, how to review stuff that actually doesn't work on you without have to lie to public and without hurting company's feeling, how to get sponsorship and many other useful tips, usually for someone new at blogging life like me. I'm very lucky to have a really nice and humble senior blogger, they can help you to be better for sure!

Then i also won the best pre-event report! Yuhuuu.. I got the Sally Hansen nail art package! Just like i told you above, i got it in a different way hahaha. Lucky again!

Some other pics!

Me and Dila!

Ririe - me - Fia

Me - Endi - Ririe - Putri - and also Putri. Hahaha.

Me - Yamato-san - Ririe

 Ririe - Me - Kania (Photo Courtesy to Kania)

 Photo Courtesy to Kania.

Photo Courtesy to Kania.

OOHH, we also got additional goodie bag from Moporie!! Super lucky! Their products been on my wishlist for quite sometimes!

 Wahoooo, lucky lucky~~

     That's a wrap! See, this event was so much fun!!! I really love to attend this event again if they made it again later! Other that i met so many beauty bloggers that i knew or not yet, i also get tons of goodie bag, and most of it, i got so many knowledge about products from sponsors plus also blogging tips and trick! So lucky really!

 When i walked at the mall people stared at me like "that Japanese girl surely bought so many stuff, maybe Indonesia has a cheaper price" hahhahaa. They don't know i got it all for free and I was only an average Indonesian girl wearing a sleeping kimono! LOL

 Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! So lucky, right???

Once again thanks for Carnellin, Tia and Meilani for making this event happen!
also thanks for all the supportive sponsors!
AYOU Beauty
Beauty Goods ID
Make Over
Silky Girl
V10 Plus
Kawaii Beauty Japan

Sally Hansen Indonesia
D’Height Salon @CP

Oh, i also want to give feedback for this event, this event is actually already amazing, but some feedback will make the present meet up event better (hopefully):
- Moore conducive place perhaps, at Nanny's actually was already quite good, but sometimes it was noisy and we can't really pay attention (a bit too crowded, mostly at lunch time).
- Use a mic, well, we couldn't really hear a thing back then, mostly blogger who sits a bit far, hehehe..
- I think live tweet and Instagram update can wait and not during the talk show. Because people will simply more interesting on their update more than what the talk show really talk about. I did miss some of the topics because i was so busy with my update >_<

Well, i guess that's all, hehehe..I hope my feedback would help for the next event^^

Anyway thanks for stopping by at my blog!


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