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Event Report: Bio Oil Launching - 4 Octorber 2014

Alohaaa people!

      Don't get bored with me just yet! I have soooo many event report this past month! And i seriously need to share it otherwise the company might get annoyed by me! Ha! But i hope you don't get annoyed by reading all of this event report! Hehehe. Right now im going to share a report about Bio Oil launching, which happened 4 October ago at Plaza Senayan.

Check the Indonesian Version HERE

      So it was quite a big event, with tasty food and so many people (including, press and blogger). I came right on time, but the it was already crowded! Lucky me, i haven't eat since morning (i woke up late), so i spend the time to eat before the event start. Well, the foods are quite amazing and really satisfy my hunger. Hahaha. Oh they also have this nice drink! Too bad my bf (who also come along) was fasting so he couldn't taste any food or drink.

     Like i told you the place was already crowded and yup, everyone seems to be very happy to come, some enjoying the food, talking or taking pictures. But they have a lot of enthusiasm along the way.

     Anyway not for long after i was done with my meal the event was finally starting! First the MC opened the event and then Ms. Tiara (Corporate Spokeperson) came to the stage and telling us more about what Bio Oil really is. Even though it already launching internationally in 2002, Bio Oil isn't really famous yet in Indonesia.

     Next there was Dr. Novita who told us more about scars and stretch mark, also other things that can be handled by bio oil one by one. Then there was Ms. Nurhayati (Product Manager) also explaining how to use Bio Oil, what kind of scar and stretch mark that can Bio Oil help to reduce the appearance off. How Bio Oil works and else.
     Then they also have these two public figures, Safina Hasan and Endhita (which i actually don't really know who) to share their experience on using the Bio Oil. Well from what i heard they love to use Bio Oil for pregnancy stretch mark and they said Bio Oil really help them reducing the appearance of stretch mark. 

       Well, Bio Oil actually formulated by Dieter Beier in 1987. It grew even better with all of new ingredients that made Bio Oil received 191 internationals award. It launched on 2002 in international market, but it just launched here in Indonesia and exclusively available on Guardian. You can get it for IDR 120k.
      Bio Oil can be use for stretch mark, scars, aging, uneven skin tone, and also dehydrated skin. To check on the result you may need to apply Bio Oil at least twice a day for 3 months. But then again, each people has a different result. So be patient.
      Bio Oil also contain many natural ingredients, such as, vitamin A, vitamin E, lavender oil, calendula oil, camomile oil, rosemary oil, and last but not least, the trade mark ingredient from Bio Oil: PurCellin Oil. So all of the ingredients help to make our skin better.

      After the talk show, it was time for dance performance and after that we move on to question answer session. After that there was some quiz and we also could try the Bio Oil. After that the event was done! Time to take some pictures!

Now it's time for me and the friends to take pictures! :)
Sorry about my almost bare face makeup, my only savior was the lipstick i used there. You can see my eyes totally look like a dying panda. Dark and tired. Hahaha.

With Raden!

Raden - Fia - Me - Putri - Suu - Kania and her baby, Safa

Suu- Fia - Raden - Me - Putri

Putri - Me - Raden - Fia - Suu

That's a wrap! Thanks for reading and if you interested on Bio Oil, you can go check it out at Guardian counter!


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