Thursday, October 16, 2014

Daily: Birthday Gifts!

Hello pretty!

       Well, today I'm going to share my birthday gifts!!! Yaaayy! Hahahha, I've been wanting to share it since last week, but i haven't got time. Anyway I'm also gonna make this post quick (but i still think it's going to be quite long hahaha) since i have so many reviews coming up (hopefully im not too lazy to post them), and plus there are going to be more event reports (soon). Hahaha, so let's check what i got on my birthdayyyy!!

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     Well, just so you know, i actually got some of my makeup wishlist and i got tempted with other products which actually aren't in my wishlist (but i do want them for quite a while too), but oh well who could resist so many discount and buy one get one sale?
     Let's first check out some makeup that i got!

1. Lime Crime Eyeshadow Palette
 As a start i got these two palette from Lime Crime! Yippieeee! One from my boyfriend and the other one paid by my mom.

Sooooo, the left one is D'Antoinette Palette and the right one is Chinadoll Fantasy Palette. I know i will get the Chinadoll for bday present (and it was also on my wishlist)  but just a week before my bday, had this 200k voucher, so my bf agreed to buy me this and so did my mom (they used their own account though, because the voucher only valid once per-account). So luckyyyyyy~~ So it's only IDR 220k! Lucky me right???

2. Sugar Pill Burning Heart Palette
I bought this one by myself and also using the voucher 200k from Luxola, so this one was only IDR 280k! Yippieee, i love Luxola! Hahahhaa. Another wishlist came true!

3. Lime Crime Black Velvet
Another item from my wishlist! I bought it at Luxola, somehow after the voucher 200k, they also had this 30% discount, what a birthday! Hahahha. I got this for like IDR 210k if i wasn't mistaken. Unfortunately they only have this color at the moment, or else im going to buy two more, or three other colors! (Still looking for Salem, Red Velvet, Pink Velvet and Wicked of course!)

4.Yves Saint Laurent Kiss & Blush no.5
Tadaaaa!!! Another dream came trueeee!!! I finally bought YSL Kiss & Blush!!!! At first i wanted to get number 6 (Red), but then when i tried this no.5, i suddenly fell in love and this is so nice to use daily! So i just grab it and hopefully i can get another colors next time, especially the red one. I know it's waaayy over budget for me, but seriously i love ittttt! So no regret (well, i do regretting something ; why i don't have more budget to get all the colors hahhaha).

5. Anna Sui Loose Powder and Foundation
 I always love Anna Sui packaging, but somehow i never want to spend my money on them until today. Hahaha, you know, they have this special promo on Sogo, buy one get one free!!! You can say i didn't have time to think much and just go grab it. Lucky or unlucky? Whatever, i feel lucky even my wallet is soooo unlucky hahhahaa.
Well, i also have another makeup stuffs that got for my birthday, we can say it was from my dad. Actually my daddy gave me some cash (plus his creditcard but still with limit), then i just went to a beauty exhibition last saturday and i kinda waste all of them buying some things........(i actually wanted to fulfill another wishlist with that cash and card, but oh well...) I should've never come..... *cries*
I waste almost all of my birthday money at Mehron counter at Cosmobeaute exhibition....

6. Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ Pallete
Okay, Mehron hasn't come to Indonesia yet and i was very excited to see it on the exhibition. At first i almost didn't buy anything except 3 or 4 Fantasy F-X face paintings, because the other are quite expensive and these are the cheapest (only IDR 80k/each). But then there was this Kent Ooi (makeup artist, makeup teacher, even has his own makeup school!), maybe he was the CEO of Mehron in Malaysia, i don't really know, but all i know he was so nice. 
WHY? Because he gave me discount....Well, after seeing my desperate face when i can't really choose what color of Fantasy F-X face painting i want to get..He then suggest me to get the Paradise palette, but when i asked the price, i change my mind, it was IDR 750k. But then my face getting more desperate because i really want the Paradise palette but that way over my budget and i seriously tried to not buying things so expensive after my serious-waste-of-money haul these past few weeks. 
Then he said to me "if you really want this item im going to give you this price" while showing the number on his calculator, i was like "realiiiii???", he said yes, i only have to pay IDR 550k, okay finally i just go grab it, oh dear....When i already paid and stuff...i somehow still staring at the special effect makeup..... (oh gosh, eyes why yuuuu).
7. Mehron Liquid Latex, 3-d Gel, Modelling Wax and Blood Gel.
At first i only wanted to get those small liquid latex (IDR 160k), but then i got my eyes on the Modelling Wax (IDR 160k) and also 3-D gel (IDR 130k). I was confused which one should i get, then Mr. Kent teach me how to use the modelling wax plus the blood! It was so cool and really look  like the real blood, well the blood was IDR 160k also. I cant really decide which one should i choose and the blood is also cool!
He said that four will be 550k for me (actually all four total supposed to be IDR 610k), but then i said, "any more discount??", then he said, i can get them all only for IDR 450k! He said it's like he gave me the blood gel for free. Hahaha, i was like, meh don't care, bye money. I bought all four of them.
But seriously he's quite humble and very famous in Malaysia as a makeup artist, i feel bad not knowing him though, but it was fun learning from the expert, after all when i tried to make my own scar with the wax he said it was quite good! Hahaha i was flattered (but of course it was bad). And there was Sam who helping Mr. Kent, he was also very kind to me.

(Btw the blood gel pic is with the other stuff below, idk why i didn't take picture of it with the other three)

8. Beautisyle Lipstick New Romantic Pink and Candy.
(Anyway there's my blood gel hahaha). I also got this two lipstick from Beautistyle at Cosmobeaute exhibition. It was matte and also on sale, so i thought to myself, why not giving it a try, after all it was only like IDR 80k something. Hahhaa. I got the colors: New Romantic Pink and Candy. 

9.  Rista Acne Cream and Acne Lotion
Well it's skin care, for my acne. I just stumbled on their counter at Cosmobeaute and thought to my self why don't i give it a try, after all my acne was sooooo bad this past week. I got them for IDR 35k/each.

Phew i seriously out of money now hahahahaha, but somehow i wasn't really regret all the things i bought, idk, i feel quite lucky to get so many discount and stuff!
Nooooww, let's move to the other gifts! Well, not too much since because my birthday party happened on Eid-Adha, no friends were coming, only families and they didn't give me any gift (meh). But i still got another bday from my bothers, my older brother gf and also my boyfriend!

10. Silver Queen
Well, my younger brother (the 3rd child) gave me this chocolate. Well, it was a my family tradition, when we have no money or less money we can give chocolate for the family members. My dad the one who invented this family tradition though, but i never only got chocolate from him or mom, because i'm going to ask for more! Hahaha. Btw thanks lil bro for the chocolate!

11. Minnie Mouse Pencil Case
It was the diversion gift from my boyfriend. He said he could only afford it this month (i know he wasn't really lucky this past months that he kept on spending money to fix something, and that was a lot of money he spend). Normally i would freak out only get this little present (birthday is quite big day for me hahaha), but idk that day i was fine and understand (i normally wont). But turned out this wasn't the only gift he had for me. Quite surprising because i didn't expect anything. Hahaha.

12. Cute Little Pink House

 Soooo cute riiighhttt!!! We did see this cute house at Kelapa Gading Mall like weeks before my bday, i didn't believe he got this for me! I even forgot already! Hahaha. I love you sunshineee!
But now im confused where i should put this small house in my small room....And what should i put inside this house hahaha. 

And last but not least~
13. POP! Anna and Elsa

OMG! Super cute right! I've been asking my big bro to get it for me months ago, but i never though he really did get me this because it was kinda hard to find it in Indonesia. But luckily, his girlfriend's friend went to Japan and he asked to bought this two (actually he was about to get me olaf, sven and also kristoff too, or so he said..but his friend's suitcase was already full). 
But oh well, Elsa and Anna are the most important! I still hope i get the other three (and also ariel) though! Hahaha. Thanks big bro and also his girlfriend who got me this!

     Well, that's all i got for my birthday!

     Even though i still waiting for a gift from my mom, she's not allowed only giving me those little makeup palette hahhaha.
     And trust me im still going to ask more stuff from mom and dad, then say 'it's for my birthday gift' until the end of the month. Because i always say to them that my birthday last until October last hahhahaha.

I hope you enjoy this nonsense post! Hahaha. 



  1. omaigattttttttttt laaaaaaaaaaaa,,,,banyak banget..lucky banget sih kamu kadonya banyak..apalagi elsa sama anna nya bikin mupeng,, lime crimenyaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa,,,>_<

    1. hahhaha biasanya ada boneka barbie nya malah put, ini ngga ada gara2 makeup pada (dan boneka lbh mahal lagi) hahhaa..mayan lucky bulan ini, banyak diskonan :D