Friday, October 31, 2014

IBB Halloween Collaboration: Penghuni Rumah Kosong (a.k.a Haunted House)

Hei-hooo, Happy Halloween!!

     To celebrate halloween this year, me and 14 of my fellow beauty blogger friends from Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB) made this awesome collaboration with theme "Penghuni Rumah Kosong", well you can say it's like "The Haunted House" theme!
     We did our makeup and dress up as 15 different ghost character which some might terrifying (maybe) hahhaa, but mine is actually pretty cute, I am Annabelle. Cute right? Hahaha

Check out the Indonesian Version HERE

     So this creepy makeup collaboration is featuring another 14 beauty bloggers, which are:

 Imelda -
Rere -
Meilinda -
Hani Nur -
Yuka -
Edelyne -
Anggie -
Putri -
Irene -
Alfia -
Lintang -
Audrey -
Martalina -
Esy -

     As you can see on the banner above, their makeup looks are also amazing so, don't forget to check each of their blog! Hihihihi creepy aren't we?? And oh, special thanks for Lintang who already put so much effort in designing this creepy banner! You're rock!

     Now back to my creepy look! Well, actually i made it real fast because i didn't plan it at all, i just wanted to try to became Annabelle. It was messy and not really satisfying me, but oh well, i didn't have time to make any look and beside my face is in serious condition right now (a.k.a tons of acne), so i try not to put on makeup. Well, say no more, here's my halloween look!  

     Hahaha, this one is the edited one, the real one doesn't have any blood and less creepier i guess. Thanks to Martalina for editing this for me! But the edited one is kinda cool, i really like it hahaha. Im sorry my silly face, im not really up to be Annabelle i guess hahhaa. Anyway this is the non-edited one!

Less creepy right? But i hope you like it too! Hehehe.

     Sooo, i also got simple tutorial for this one (even though it ended up messy, but oh well, i already put some effort to made this look after all), so here goes! 

     Quite simple right? Hahaha, all you need is the matching wig and dress (unfortunately my wig color is too gold and i don't have any annabelle's dress. But basically here's how i achieved this look! Now time for some more pictures!

  Pardon my silly face, hehehe.

     Well that's it! My halloween collaboration! To tell you the truth im not gonna dress up as Annabelle for halloween party tonight, in fact, im going to be Elsa! Hahaha, i was about to make a makeup tutorial for that, but i got no time, but hopefully i can make Elsa tutorial someday soon!

Hope you enjoy this creepy makeup and find my tutorial useful! 
Thanks for reading!

Blessed be, 

p.s i'll update soon with all products used.

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