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Review: Armando Caruso Kabuki Brush

Hay hay!

       This is my first time review-ing a brush! Right now im going to review a kabuki brush from Armando Caruso, which i got from AYOU Beauty weeks ago at BB Meet Up. It was seriously right on time you know, i've been wanting to get that kabuki brush by myself, but lucky me, i got it without have to buy it!

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Blog Label: Yellow
Brand : Armando Caruso
Name : Kabuki Brush
Content: 1pcs
Made In : -
Price : i forgot for sure, but it's about IDR 150k (around USD 15)

      Let's check out the packaging first shall we.
  There's nothing special about the packaging and very simple also, with dominant white and black, plus Armando Caruso label in the front side.

Back side, contain details about Armando Caruso and also it stated what kind of brush is this on the bar-code below, which is of course a kabuki brush.

Here's what inside, one pieces of kabuki brush with sturdy black handle (i think it made of wood or something) and brown synthetic bristle.

 The brush is quite big and thick. 

 And the bristle is reaaaalllyyyy soft! Trust me! See those shining bristle? So fluffy! 


     Kabuki brush generally used for powder or blush (or you can even use it for bronzer). Its thick and round-shaped bristles enable even application of powder or blush onto your face. This kabuki brush is perfect for travel, because it has this short handle, but not too short that it's still very comfortable to use it. Also the bristle is not too big that perfect for powder and blush, even you can still do contour with this brush by flatten it up, so very travel friendly, one brush for face.
    This product is also very soft and fluffy that this can't harm your face (because sometimes there are brush with kinda sharp bristle), this one is very very soft. It can pick powder, blush or bronzer very well and easy to blend it through your face. The bristle is also sturdy, no bristle detached and you can also wash it without have to worry the bristle will fall off, because mine isn't (at least if you wash it right).

+ very fluffy
+ can pick powder/blush well
+ it's reallyyyyy soft (i already mention it right? hahhaa)
+ no bristle fall off
+ washable
+ easy for travel
+ perfect size

- non at this time

In conclusion i love this Armando Caruso Kabuki Brush!!

Overall Rating: 5/5
     Thats all! If you want to buy this brush you can just go to any mall or department store, but if you're lazy enough, just simply order it from AYOU Beauty online store! A little about AYOU Beauty:

"Founded in the 1960s, AYOU Beauty has been the first pioneer for beauty care accessories products in Indonesia. Our company is specialised in the lines of business such as Hair Products, Beauty Care Products, Bath Accessories Products, Manicure Pedicure Products and similar related products. We have wide scales of marketing outlets through common market sales and are spread within Supermarkets, Department Stores, Mall Squares, Chain Stores, Wholesalers and along with other available market channels which consist of customers covering all walks of lives."

     So they're not just an online shop, they bring all those high quality brushes and other beauty care accessories to Indonesia, so you can order directly from their website! :)

Tel: +62 21 6230 2121
Email: | BB PIN: 73E131CF
Whatsapp +62 813 1102 0323 | LINE & KakaoTalk: ayoubeauty
Instagram @ayoubeauty

See you on my next post!


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