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Review: ZAP Underarm Treatment

Hei hooo!

     On Friday, 10 oct 2014 ago, i went for an underarm treatment at ZAP! Hmmmm, wondering what ZAP might be and what so special about it?? Let's check it out!

Check out the Indonesian version HERE


     Maybe some of you already familiar with ZAP or maybe don't, so first let me explain a little bit more about ZAP and what kind of services they offer before we go to my experience! :)


      Since 2009, ZAP became a pioneer specialist in hair removal treatment from the body permanently, with a quick, save and painlessly method using advance technology that has been very popular in many countries all around the world. Technology that used is already has a international certificate (FDA and CE) and also using professional therapist. 
     ZAP also offers so many treatment from face to legs, here's the pricelist:


     May seems expensive at once and maybe you'll think that "gah, it needs more than one treatment", but trust me, it worth every penny hahhaa. I mean i guess waxing and all also spend a lot of money and we have to do it regularly as well which means more money to spend. But i'll tell more on my experience below hahhaa.Well, first let's see the comparison between shaving, waxing and zap-ing!

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     Basically, zapping is friendlier than shaving and waxing. It less painful, only a bit shocking like an ant bites and warm feeling, get rid of those hair up to the roots, permanent and used modern technology. Well, the result is also better than the other two, which ZAP let the hair grow softer, less irritation case because the technology is super safe, and also it takes a long time for the hair to grow and lesser each time before it's fully gone permanently. This is ZAP treatment hair removal steps:
1. ZAP staff will explain all you need to know about ZAP treatment and you can also ask whatever seems bothering you before the treatment.'ll get into ZAP treatment room and the staff will clean the area that will get treatment with wet tissue and shave it.

3. The staff will put on some formulated gel for the area that needed treatment.

4. The staff and therapist will treat the area with ZAP advance technology for few minutes.

5. The staff will clean the area of treatment again to get rid of the excess gel.

6. The staff will put on some ZAP After Care to make your skin fresh and softer.
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     Basically ZAP working by getting rid of the hair from it roots that makes the hair is permanently gone, unlike the other treatment. It might need a couple of treatment to get rid all of the hair since hair cycle is sometimes different, and only hair in 'anagen' cycle can be permanently remove, so it might take more than one treatment, if you're lucky maybe in 4-5 treatment all of your hair will be gone!

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AND, this is also important, there are do's and dont's on this treatment:

Before treatment: no bleaching waxing or whatever at least 2 weeks before the treatment, shaving is still okay at least 2 days before the treatment, no tanning or massive sun expose for at least 2 weeks before treatment, better use sunscreen min. SPF 30 or more and make sure there is no makeup or lotion or deodorant on the area that want to get a treatment.
While treatment: use the glasses that provided by ZAP and you can tell everything to the staff and therapist how you feel about the treatment whether is too painful or whatever.
After treatment: no sun expose and no tanning at least 2 weeks after, use SPF 30 sunscreen or more, no warm bath and swimming at least 2 days after, no scrub and no plucking or waxing while the treatment still on progress (so the staff from ZAP can keep on tracking the hair), shaving is okay until the next treatment, the hair will fall off in 2-3 weeks after treatment and the ideal time for the next treatment is after 6 weeks.

     See, interesting right! Hahaha, oh about the price, since maybe some of you think that it's gonna be expensive if you have to come more than once, ZAP is also provide member card! Less expensive and also a nice bargain for a permanent hair free body hahaha. So, there are three membership, silver, gold and platinum.

 With only IDR 2.500k (around USD 250), you can get a life time underarm treatment (1x every month in first year, 1x in every 2 month in second year, and 1x every 3 month in the third year and next).

Psst! Me and ZAP have more promo for this membership, you can get this membership for only IDR 2.250k if you apply this membership and giving my member ID: 002631

With only IDR 4.500k (around USD 450), you can get a life time Brazilian treatment (1x every month in first year, 1x in every 2 month in second year, and 1x every 3 month in the third year and next).
With only IDR 9.500k (around USD 950), you can get a life time Brazilian treatment (1x every month in first year, 1x in every 2 month in second year, and 1x every 3 month in the third year and next).

Thats all! Now let's move to my experience!!

     So i got this underarm treatment voucher from ZAP on Beauty Blogger Meet Up event few weeks ago, where ZAP is one of the sponsor of that gathering event. And i got this, luckyyyy~

     I went to ZAP outlet at Mall of Indonesia on 10 October 2014 ago. It was kinda small from the outside and also the inside, but still comfy.

You can see the cashier staff, she's so kind and she welcome me real well. Anyway it's so small that the waiting room is not exactly in the front, idk where it was since i didn't have to wait at all. But according to the website it also has a nice waiting room, but maybe in the back. 


     First she explain about the treatment and confirm whether i waxed my armpit in these two weeks or no, which i actually did and the hair is not all grow yet, but she said it's okay if im okay with it (but for you guys, i suggested wait until all the hair grow, because they actually need the hair that already grow to know progress of the treatment later). Since i need to use my coupon from ZAP no more than 10 oct, so i said it's fine!

 Some of products from ZAP, they also have this SPF 50 sunscreen!

 Other ZAP products including underarm whitening cream. 

Anyway the right one is staff that helping my treatment, there's also a therapist while i was in treatment, but i didnt capture her picture unfortunately, she's also very kind and very informative.

This is the treatment room. Not really wow like the other outlet's room i guess, but this one is simple and also nice, plus it's clean! Btw the only things that i don't like is the pillow, too thin, hurt my neck a bit, thankfully the treatment only took about 15 minutes. 

 The cool advance technology that will "zap" away all your not-needed hair! Hahaa.

 They will put in on your troubled area that need the treatment, but of course, they always clean it before and after using this, so no worry :)

And look! TV right above your bed. 

     Now you already see the room and the outlet, now let's get back to my experience, well it was so fast really, so it's so great and not boring! Hahaha. Anyway i managed to take some picture of my underarm, so don't get freaky alright, it's not the most porcelain clean underarm, it has texture and not that light, just like most other normal underarm. Hahahha brace your self, underarm pictures are coming ;)

 First of all the staff will mark your underarm with white pencil. Can you see the white mark? Im sorry if it's not too visible, after all it need a lot of work to get this picture with my Samsung Note 10.0 using one hand. Hahahaha. 

Then the staff shaved my underarm with a new shaver, so you don't have to worry, it's totally new in the packaging and you can also bring the shaver with you after the treatment. Btw the staff shave the hair in the direction of hair growth, so it will not be hurt like when you shave by yourself. Hahaha.

After that they put this nice cool-feeling gel before the treatment with ZAP device begin.

They also want me to put on this glasses to protect my eyes from the light of  ZAP device. Which made me couldn't take any picture of it. But it was warm and sometimes felt like an ant bites, but still not as painful ass the waxing in my opinion. They say the thicker your hair the hotter it feels, but you can always say to the therapist whether if it's too hot and the therapist will always ask you about it, so don't worry.

After the ZAP device treatment they cleaned my underarm with wet tissue and also rub the anti-irritation gel to make sure no irritation occur. And it's done! Yippie~
P.s it might look like you just shave at first, but don't worry things will turn out better in a few days hahaha.

Last but not least, get back to the cashier to fulfill the payment! Hahaha! Anyway the cashier staff is different from the first one, but she's also kind. After that they also asked to fill the after treatment questionnaire and take a picture of you. :)


     I have to tell you this treatment is amazing and worth every penny! Hahaha, not only it takes only few minutes of your life, it also give you the visible result since first treatment! Or at least that's my experience, seriously im not exaggerating things since i will tell if i have about something on my review honestly. 
     Your underarm might look like you just normally shave in one or two days after the treatment, to tell you the truth it was kinda freak me out because i thought it will be just like after shaving until the next treatment. But the next thing you know, your underarm looks smooth just like you wax it, no annoying thick hair coming out like after you normally shave. If you don't trust me i will provide my underarm picture after a week of treatment. It still quite free-hair (except the one that just grow from my last waxing session i guess), but it's only a few. 

     See! It almost clean from hair right! I felt amazing really, i was afraid at first that i need to shave it a lot before the next treatment, but seems like i don't have to worry at all, since first week and still super clean underarm, i guess i can make it without shaving for the next treatment hahaha. 
     The place is also nice and if you come to the other outlet of ZAP that's bigger, you will notice that the place is event better than the one i visit right now, but it's the closer outlet from my house. And it was enough for me, it's clean and the staffs all friendly plus also very informative. 
     Seriously i feel lucky i can try this for free, since i already know about this ZAP since last year but i didn't have courage to go there, since at first i thought it was expensive and have to come several time to get the result, blablabla, but when i tried it, i know that i won't bother to buy any wax for my underarm and definitely i will come for a Brazilian treatment later when im about to get married hahahhaa ;)

+ can get rid of un-wanted hair sooner or later
+ clean and nice outlet
+ the staffs are friendly and informative
+ you can see the result even after first treatment
+ has a quite wallet-friendly membership promo
+ doesn't really painful (compare to waxing)

- you have to come more than once hahhaa
- might look quite expensive (but if you calculate the amount of money you need to buy those wax or going waxing in saloon, this one gonna look cheaper, trust me)

     In conclusion i will definitely going back to get this treatment until my underarm hair gone permanently! Hahhaha, hopefully it will be gone soon enough! If you have money to spare for wax or waxing in saloon, i suggest you to save that money and go to ZAP treatment, it's worth, trust me.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

For more information you can check ZAP website at
Plus if you're interested of join the SILVER membership, you can get more discount if you apply it and giving my ID number: 002631.
You can get the special price of the IDR 2.500k Silver member only for IDR 2.250k!
So what are you waiting for? Let's Zap-ing! :)

That's a wrap! Thanks for reading and i hope this post help you!



  1. wahahahahaa bekas kantor gue nih :D
    gue juga di ZAP. lumayaan laah jadi free mau pake baju model apa dan ga ribet waxing :D