Thursday, October 9, 2014

Event Report: Clinique Breast Cancer Awereness Campaign - 1 October 2014

Hello all!

     I want to share about an event held by Clinique last week. It's an event to raise awareness of Breast Cancer. Clinique featuring Estee Lauder and DKNY will be having this event for quite sometimes on this pretty pink October. So let's check out this event shall we~

Check the Indonesian Version HERE

     So it was kinda far from my house, at Pondok Indah Mall to be exact and i came there on time. But the event hasn't started yet, while some other beauty bloggers were already there too. Well, maybe about 20 mins or so finally the event started.

So, first we registered here~

 After registration the event finally started with talk show from Mario (PR from Clinique- man on the right) and.. (sorry i forgot the pink lady's name). Anyway the man on the left was the MC.

After that there was a makeup demo from Clinique, with Mba Atika as the MUA.

So pretty right~

After makeup demo from Clinique, next was makeup demo from Estee Lauder with Mas Indra.

Also pretty! This was more focus on making pop color eye makeup.

After the demo, next was makeup contest! While the makeup contest take place, there was also a live music to make the event even more exciting.

Well, unfortunately i didn't really like the setting of the makeup contest. There was no decent seat for the beauty blogger contestand. And it was like we just trying some sample, not a contest. So it was weird. 

So we had to do the makeup here..See..nothing like a contest, and i got a back ache from bow down too long as the mirror was a bit bellow my eye sight. And there was no BA too and it was hard to find the exact product you want to use. Also there was no one watching so, we can easily to use our own makeup. Trust me i wish i was using my own makeup since the samples were a bit dirty. 
In my opinion this one doesn't really look like a makeup contest, so it was pretty disappointing. But oh well, at least i could have some fun with friends there.

After that, they choose 2 finalist, they were Lisha and Kania, but only one won, and it was Lisha! Congratulation! :)

That's all after that the event was done and we got a little goodie bag -.-

 Me before the makeup contest. I didn't use any makeup other than my YSL Lipstick. It match my dress color seriously! Loving it! I tell you more about it later!

After the makeup contest, full of makeup and look 10 years older hahaha.

Now pictures time!!!!!!!

and this is my goodie bag!
Well, i should say i kinda disappointed to get mostly samples... Not to be ungrateful, but well, the event was for bloggers, so it was kinda weird to only receive sample on a exclusive event for blogger. I hope Clinique will do better on provide goodie bag later.

Well, that's a wrap! Overall the event was quite fun especially because there were quite many beauty blogger friends! :)

Thanks for reading! and WE'RE STRONGER TOGETHER!



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