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Event Report: Bio Oil ft. Cosmopolitan "Skin Secret For The Best Confidence" - 17 October 2014

Heyya pretty!

      I hope you're not bored yet with event report, but it's my doodie (i mean, duty hehe). Anyway it was Bio Oil event with Cosmopolitan Magazine with theme "Skin Secret For The Best Confidence",  well, as we know, Bio Oil is one of those skin care which can make your skin even better!

Check the Indonesian version HERE
     So it was held at Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Friday, 17 October 2014 ago. I should say it was quite a big event you know. I guess maybe there were about 100 fun fearless women were there. In fact, only 10 beauty bloggers invited, although only 8 that came and the rest of the invitation were Cosmopolitan readers. I came quite on time with two other bloggers friend, Fia and Yuka. Well, it was quite full with people and it was dinner time first. The food was quite nice and the setting place was also nice. 

     At about 7.30 the event was finally starting. Phew, finally. It was opened by Ms. Cisca Becker as the MC. Then the spokeperson of PT Radiant Sentral Nutrindo, Ms. Tiara Dwijayanti, gave an opening speech and gave some information about Bio Oil.
     Like maybe i already mention before on my last post about Bio Oil launching event, Bio Oil was formulated by Dieter Beier in South African on 1987 and marketed since 2002 till now in 84 countries. Bio Oil also already got 191 international awards in skin care categories and became the first ranked product for skin care that treat scars and stretch marks in 17 countries.

     Then it was time for next session with dermatologist, Dr. Lilik Norawati. She explained about scars, how it appears, how to treat the scars, then about stretch marks and how it occurs plus how to minimize the looks of it.
     I remember how to prevent the scars to occurs according to her presentation, which are: healthy lifestyle, prevent infection, consume food with high antioxidant, using cream that contains aloe vera, vitamin A and else. And for ance, never, EVER, touch or squeeze it. Plus according to Dr. Lilik, there are also several ways to minimize the appearance of scars, which are: cream with tretinoin, chemical peeling, laser and micro-needling.

     After we were done with Dr. Lilik session, we moved to next session with Vira Basuki, Cosmopolitan Magazine Editor in Chief, which happened to be the biggest Bio Oil fan since before this product even exist in Indonesia. She told us that back then when she lived in US, she had this major accident which happened to get her 12 stitches (or more, i dont remember exactly) on her face, that she was prohibited to see mirror.
     And one time, it was halloween and some kids came to her house for trick or treat, when they saw her, one of the kid said "wow, that's a really cool scary makeup, so real". Well, it shocked her because she doesn't apply any sfx-makeup. Then she saw Bio Oil on magazine adds and she started to use it and she said she loves it. It totally make her scars appearance minimize and almost gone.
     Other than making her face scars free, she also stated that she has less wrinkle near the eyes area (than her friends in the same age), because she always use Bio Oil everyday, she thinks Bio Oil makes her eyes dehydrated and moist all the time that make the wrinkle wouldn't appear much yet. Then she also said that she likes to use Bio Oil on her hand when it feels dry.

     Then, after Ms. Vira shared her story, next was Ms. Nurhayatini, as PT Radiant Sentral Nutrindo Product Manager explain to us more about Bio Oil. Like i also already mention on my event report of Bio Oil launching before, Bio Oil is know as "dry oil" since it can absorb fast and doesn't leave a sticky feeling like normal oil would do, which makes Bio Oil is still comfortable to use.
     Bio Oil main ingredient is PurCellin Oil which mixed with other ingredients that good for skin such as, lavender oil, calendula oil, rosemary oil, and also camomile. Bio Oil is also can be use for face area and sensitive skin friendly, since it's hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and non-acnegenic. Other than for minimize the appearance of scars and stretch marks, Bio Oil is also good to prevent premature aging, dehydrated skin, and  uneven skin.
    Ms. Nurhayatini also demonstrated how to use Bio Oil, just pour a good amount of Bio Oil (not too much) on the area that need the treatment and simply massage it in circular motion for a few minutes to make the Bio Oil perfectly absorbed in skin.

    Then there was this question and answer session, 3 person got a chance to asked. And from that three, they choose one best question to get a prize! Then continued with prize handover from Bio Oil company to the three speakers, Dr. Lilik, Ms. Vira and Ms. Ayu (her session was after all this).

     Then it was time for Ms. Ayu Dyah Pasha session. She's a coach and the way she talks is really relaxing and nice, you know, very confidence but also the same time very humble. Well, we talk about self confidence, what is a self confidence, how to boost it and we also got a small paper to wrote everything that we feel prevent us to feel confidence.
     Most of us wrote, "im fat", "i have lots of acne" and stuff, Ms. Ayu said only that small things could make us not feel confidence, while actually deep down we have so many other great things, but only because of acne or fat and then we think we're not worth? She said we need to get rid of that thinking and surround us with people that can boost our confidence and something like that.
     There there was this question and answer session again, but only for 3 question, i actually wanted to ask to her, what if it's the family that makes us feel not confidence with our-selves? Like my family often complain that im too fat, or too skinny, or too many acne, or too lazy to put on makeup and other stuff that more to beauty related,  that made me not feeling good about my own skin. I was about to ask that, but unfortunately i didn't get a chance hahaha. Anyway one with the best question also got a Bio Oil package.

     AAAAAAAAAAAANNNDD! It was done! Gah! Finally, i was kinda boring because it was too time cosuming, from 7.30pm to almost 10pm without a break was surely something for my moody mood. And i guess it wasn't just me, i saw other participant look a bit bored as well and start talking to each other in the last session. It was just too long hahaha. But i do think the last session quite useful because it was about self confidence and im lack of it recently.
      After that we also got a goodie bag, but unfortunately the goodie bag was only a note book and a pouch, which seems quite disappointing since we were invited as a Blogger (it's a professional job actually) that's why it's disappointing. But no worry, since the PR emailed us again and said they will give us a product. So let's see. Overall the event was good though, but maybe next time they shouldn't end the event that late, because the guests are all women, it's dangerous for women to be outside that late i guess.

Then it's photo session timeeee!!
 Yuka - me

 Yuka - me - Mahar

 Me - Fia

 Dewi - me - Fia

 Up: Mahar - Fia
Down: me - Dewi - Rini - Stella

Up: Mahar - Yuka - Fia - Putri
Down: me - Dewi - Rini - Stella

That's a wrap, angels!

     Anyway, you can find Bio Oil product in any Guardian drugstore for only IDR 120k! Well, i have use it my self this several weeks and when it's already 3 month usage (and when the product from this event arrived at my home) i will post a review about it, so far nothing has change about my acne scars or my colloid scars, but my face surely feel moist and not dry! So stay tuned!


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