Tuesday, February 25, 2014

PAC Brush Cleanser Review

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Yay! My last post that i should move from tumblr! Yayayayay finally it's done!!
Anyway here's another review that i made, enjoy!

I’ve been wanting to post this since yesterday, but i’ve been busy (dating my bf of course). So right now, while i have time and my bf is not yet home, i will post a new review, this one is about brush cleanser from PAC.
   If you use your makeup brush recently you going to want to use it clean, well filthy dirty brush can bring out problems to your face. So i suggest to clean them out at least once a week or once in a while after you use it (but i you used it only once in a while and put them on a closed organizer then you dont have to clean it up as recently).
   Back then i used mild liquid soap to clean it (i just put some water and the soap while put my brush one by one and leave it for a moment then wash it with water), well it’s quite save i think, since none of their bristle fall off and they came out fresh and soft, but i hate to wait them to dry, especially when suddenly i have to use them.
   So one day, i found out about PAC brush cleanser and for someone with mediocre budget, i think haaarrdd and long before decided to buy this (since i mean, cheap mild liquid soap works nicely why should i spend more?), then i said to my self, whatever, just try it, if it’s faaarr better than liquid soap why not, since actually it’s not that pricey if you use it once in a while, but if it’s just so so, lets back to the liquid soap, hahhaa. I ended up buying it anyway.
I have to admit that’s the product is quite nice :)
Here’s the review:

Blog Label: Green
Brand : PAC - Martha Tilaar
Name : Brush Cleanser
Content : 240ml
Made In : Indonesia
Price : +/- IDR 90k (arround $9)
(Too bad i cant find the product on their official shop, maybe they’re out of stock)

   Big black cool looking package. I like their package since it’s simple and still looks nice, the black package surely makes this look expensive (but yeah it does expensive).
   Side view contains caution and also ingredients.

   Close up for the caution and ingredients. As you can see it contains alcohol and yes, it totally smelled like one, even though they said they added fragrance, i think it doesnt work out well, since the alcohol smell is really strong (i once used alcohol 70% to clean my acne, so yeah i really know how it smells when it close to your nose, mwek). So make sure you dont smell it for to long, it will make you dizzy @_@
   The other side which shows how to use this cleanser.
   I guess it’s clear enough, so yeah basically it’s super easy to use!

   Here’s what inside, cool glass bottle, i love how they packed this thing!

   The front view of the bottle, just like the box.

   And back side. Well i dont have to make a close up to this, since it’s the same information like in the box.

   Me and the bottle! (full makeup because i was recreate a makeup to join a contest)

Okay now im gonna show you guys how i use it :D
First all you need are:

   Of course you need dirty brushes, a bowl, plastic container, or whatever and PAC brush cleanser :P

   Pour the liquid out of the bottle into the bowl. I just pour a small amount of this, because my brushes are small and to much liquid is going to be a waste. But if you cleaning a bigger brush (like powder or blush brush perhaps), you’re going to want to clean em one by one since, the brush gonna absorb almost all of the liquid you pour (if you pour about 10-15ml of it). When i clean up bigger brush i just gonna pour a small amount of it right into the brush and leave it a couple mins before wipe it on a tissue to get rid the leftover.
   And oh, it’s gonna smell superrrr annoying, since alcohol has a strong fragrance, so make sure your nose ready (it’s not that bad, only make me dizzy)

   Okay, next after you pour the liquid, put the brush one by one. As you can see, once you put the dirty brush the color will come off, that’s the leftover. While im at it, i usually wiggle the brush back and forth, just to assure myself that the leftover gonna leave the bristle soon.

   Let them soak in there for a couple mins. See the liquid color turns out brown because of my dirty brushes, hahha. After you think it’s enough, take each of the brush and wipe it on a tissue, there’s gonna be some leftover again, but after a few rubbing, it will clean, soft and smells nice :)
  Here, as you can see, the brush is clean! But its kinda hard to remove all of the glitter excess of a sponge brush, as you can see the glitter dust is still there somehow, even just a little, its okay for me anyway. Well, it doesnt need a long time to dry, since after i wipe it on the tissue for a couple of time it will dry on its own! But better leave it for a couple hours to make sure that its already dry and clear to use.
   Anyway after im done, my brushes turned out clean, soft, smells nice, and fluffy! I love the result, and yeah it dry soooo fasssttt! Only a couple minutes! Dont forget to wipe them on a tissue ;)

Thats my review about PAC Brush Cleanser!
+ easy to use
+ easy to find
+ dry fast
+ clean result
+ brush friendly
+ brushes turn out soft, fluffy and smell nice
- quite pricey if you use it recently
- strong alcohol fragrance
Overall Rating: 4/5

I hope you enjoy reading this and i hope this review is helpful!
Thanks for reading, see you!



  1. nice review say! selama ini kalo nyuci burshes cuma pake shampo bayi aja, kayanya kudu nyobain ini juga deh.

    1. hahhaa biasanya aku pake sabun levy itu hahhaa, cuma kalo lagi butuh dadakan susah, soalnya lama kering nya >_<
      makanya akhirnya memutuskan nyobain ini hehehe, cobain juga dear, bagus sih kalo buat buru2 gitu, yah lumayan pricey sih cuma buat mandiin kuas doang, but worth it lah :D