Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DIY Easy Sugar Lip Scrub

Hey adorable angels!!

    First of all, gah, it’s been a quite long time i didnt really post something more than a paragraph because im way too busy with my university life, task, thesis and else. That’s why mostly i only post pictures on instagram that sync to my tumblr.

   So while i have time today, im gonna write a post about DIY Sugar Lip Scrub. It’s easy and works out well! Lets get started~

What you need is:


   Okay, if you dont have any pure petroleum jelly and too lazy to buy it, you can change it to olive oil or mashed lipbalm. Anything suits you really. But i prefer this petroleum jelly because it moisturize my lips well and make my lips color more pinkish (i’ll write review about it as soon as i got time).

Put one table spoon of pure petroleum jelly to the bowl.
   I used pure petroleum jelly and sugar by 1:1 ratio (i used a bit more than appeared in the pic, it was the first scoop).
Stir the pure petroleum jelly and sugar together with spoon.
   Stir and mix it well until all the sugar stick to the pure petroleum jelly.
And tadaaa, it’s done!
   Super simple right? you can use it ASAP or you can do the next step first, yes, put it in a jar to make it easy to use anytime!
Scoop the lip scrub with spoon carefully and put it on a jar
   You can use any jar really, but i have this cute jar, so i used it to placed the lip scrub so i can take it anywhere.
   I needed to use 2 jar, one full and the other only half of the lip scrub.
And tadaa it’s complete!
   Easy and works well! You can use it anytime and anywhere you want. It works pretty well too on chapped lips, it peels dead skin from your lips, also it make your lips softer, brighter and more pinkish (based on my experience).

Thanks for reading, i hope it helps you guys :)
Lots of kisses


That's all, i hope you like reading it,
See ya on my next post adorable!


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