Tuesday, February 25, 2014

CNY makeup look!

Hey adorable!

Hey guys!

So here's my makeup look for CNY! ( i know it super late, but it can be use for next year hehe)

Okay, lets just check it out!

Right now i want to share about my makeup project inspire by Chinese New Year! Yippie, i know it’s pretty late to post about it, but hell yeah, i guess this makeup look can be use to any event too, so lets check it out :)

So this is the look!

Well as far as i know CNY is identical to gold and red color, so for the eye makeup i used gold and red, and to make it more bold, i also used red lipstick!
Anyway i made a pictorial too for this look, it’s actually already get post on my tumblr since it’s sync to my instagram, but i will post the tutorial here too, lets check on the pictorial :)

Okay, here’s the steps:
1. First I applied eye base, its from Viva cosmetic (indonesian local brand), then i added the balm nude ‘tude ‘Sultry’ all over my lid.
2. Next i winged out the eye with ‘red color no.17’ from Sariayu 25 eyeshadow palette and made a line with it in my crease also in my outer lid.
3. Applied ‘gold color mixed of no.2 and no.13’ in the middle to inner lid then blended it with the red color and i added ‘light brown-gold color no.23’ in above crease.
4. Then i added a bit of ‘gold color no.2’ to my brow bone and i applied NYX liquid crystal silk eyeliner in the lid to make it more shining and glittery!
5. I also added some line with ‘gold no.2’ in inner lower lash line and made a winged eyeliner with my MUA black gel eyeliner, i also added the eyeliner to my outer lower lash line.
6. Last, applied mascara to above and lower eyelashes and applied false eyelashes from d’eyesee no.4092.
It’s done and you’re ready to go! :)
Here’s some other pic:
Here’s the eyemakeup when i close my eyes, glittery mwahahaa :D

Product Used
- Makeover Corrective Base Makeup - 01 Cyanite
- Mother Home Contour Powder
- Sariayu Foundation - Kuning Langsat
- Missha Under Eye Brightener - Natural Beige
- Sariayu Loose Powder - Kuning langsat
- MUA Bonzer - Shade 1
- NYX Blush - PB28 Bourgeois Pig
- Viva Eye Base Gel
- Sariayu 25 Eyeshadow Palette
- The Balm Nude ‘tude
- MUA Gel Eyeliner Black
- NYX Liquid Crystal Liner - LCL 104 Crystal Silk
- Maybelline Long Volum’ Express Turbo Boost Mascara
- D’eyesee false eyelashes - no. 4092
- Contact Lens Exoticon Ice No.1 - Sky Blue
- Sariayu Trend Warna 2011 Exotic Indonesia - Petikan Sitar 02

Thats all for this post, i hope my simple tutorial can be understood since it’s my first time and i hope it’s useful for you guys :D


I hope you like it and find it useful!
 See you on my next post, adorable angels!!


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