Friday, February 21, 2014

Makeup in the 20's (Pygmalion Land ft. The Balm ID MUC)

Aloha adorable angels!

     Sooooo,  I’ve entered makeup Challenge #Makeup20s host by PygmalionLand and sponsored by theBalm Indonesia. Yup the challenge is to do your makeup like one of the Balm Instain blush packaging illustration. There are six of them and i made two looks!

Well at first i didnt plan to do two looks, since one look is enough i guess, for a beginner like me (it’s my first time for joining makeup challenge, yaay!). But tonight, i was too lazy to do anything but my creative mood seemed want to paint my face, so then i decided to do another look for the contest.
Okay, let me just show you my work, hehehe well, it’s not good, but yeah, enjoy!

So this is my first look, inspired by the Balm Instain Swiss Dot - Peach Packaging 
 I know, i know, it’s weird and probably doesnt look the same, i only inspired by the color not the style she used on the packaging, but i tried, hahaha

—-Ready for the second look?
Here it is, inspired by the Balm Instain Pinstrip - Plum Packaging Illustration:
Wondering why? First my hair is way too long, second, my hat was impossible to be style like the packaging illustration, but oh well, i hope you got the point. Haha :D

Okay so those are my pictures for the contest, i do hope that i’ll win! Hehehe since the prizes are quite what i’ve been looking for :D
I’ll post another pics of the looks later~


That was the post, and im so happy that i won the first place! I got this super amazing the balm nude 'tude eyeshadow palette (already review it, gonna post it in here soon) and the balm instain - swiss dot, oooh i love the color!

That's all for now!
Thanks for reading my adorable angels!


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