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A Collaborative Project | SeoHyun SNSD - I got a boy MV Look Makeup Tutorial

Hey my adorable angels!!

Right now im going to post my first makeup collaboration ever! Yay! I know im not supposed to post a new post until 27th or at least until im done moving the old posts, but this one is special hehehe, so yeah i will post it on here too.

     So, im doing a makeup collaboration with 8 other adorable beauty bloggers, and yes, we have to create SNSD look in their "I got a boy" music video!

     I have to admit this was quite confusing, since i dont know a thing about Korean makeup look! I dont even know anything about Korea thingy, since im not a big fan of korea (but sure i'd always love to try their skincare product).
But i really want to join since this collaboration makeup thing looks so exciting for me. Then on my confusing time deciding should i join or not and who i gotta recreate if i join blablabla, one of the beauty blogger, Jessica, suggested me to do SeoHyun look. That was an idea, and i decided to join the collaboration!

     Well, i tried this look about twice, because i hate how the first attempt turned out. Me, who doesnt know a thing about korean look, feeling a bit insecure how this look is going to be. I had to search youtube 'how to do korean makeup' and searching lots of SeoHyun photos (since im not that familiar with her), i also watch the music video so i will know more about her (well, it's my first time searching for a korean MV hahaha). The youtube a bit help but i dont like the first look turned out, so lets forget about it.

     Then last friday i went to Estee Lauder event and they had this korean MUA (William Kim) to do makeup demo (i even got a makeover from him), i have to say that i learned a LOT. I paid a really close attention on every makeup movement that he was doing and of course asked a lot of questions, to know more about korean makeup like (pretty much like the one i saw on youtube though, but saw it in real life is better haha). Im so happy that it helped me a lot to do the second attempt of SeoHyun look.

 So here's the result!
 Me as SeoHyun

     Hahhahahhahaha, i know i know, i look stupid! Bah my facial expression is super weird LOL. And of course realllyyyyyy different from this pretty SeoHyun. But come on, the makeup look that count, hehehe, i tried to look as natural as possible since she looks super natural which sweet pinky cheek and it confused me at first what should i use to achieve this look.
Anyway i look kinda tanned in the pic it was because the flash on my camera, it wasnt look that tanned in real life, but NOT as white as SeoHyun herself too. At first i was thinking of editing the color a bit, but then, what's the point, its not about skin color, but how you do the makeup, so i just decided not to edit it.

     Want to know how i do this look? Dont worry i have the tutorial bellow, but first i want to show you guys the results of other adorable beauty bloggers who also join this collaboration!
 Novi as Hyoyeon (my-twin-sister.blogspot.com)

Nia as Sunny (nakoneko.blogspot.com)

Imelda as Sooyoung (achickwithlipstick.blogspot.com)

Shelviana as Taeyon (www.xiaovee.com)

 Jessica as Yuri (iamfoodeater.blogspot.com)

Nova as Yoona (my-twin-sister.blogspot.com)

Lia as Jessica (cutesprinkles21.wordpress.com)

Jennyfer as Tiffany (jennyfermichiyo.blogspot.com)

     See, they are all amazing and super adorable! Make sure you check on their blog too and dont forget to read their post about this collaboration, cause you can find tutorial how to achieve the look there!
We're just adorable, arent we? hehehe


So now as i promised, here's my SeoHyun "I got a boy" music video makeup tutorial!

     Here's the full tutorial, but it maybe too small that you cant read it without zoom the picture, so i'll just add the tutorial photos one by one.
     To make your face look a bit dewy and glowy (i heard it's the most popular base face on korean), add moisturizer before you put on the foundie or else, but i only use a bit, since i dont want it too look way too dewy, i prefer matte finish actually. You can also put on shea butter or petroleum jelly as the moisturizer (i used Estee Lauder advanced night repair). After i added moisturized, i added face primer too, so it will stay a bit longer (makeup tends to flush away fast on my oily face), here i used corrective base makeup (02 - greenish) from Makeover because my face is a bit reddish because of the acne. 
     After that put on your fave foundie or bb cream (too make it more dewy, you can mix the foundie with shea butter/petroleum jelly 1:1). I used Makeover foundation (04- amber rose) and mixed it with Sariayu Foundation (alas bedak kuning langsat), i dont mix it with moisturizer is because i dont want too look way too dewy. Then i applied a light loose powder (Sariayu - Kuning Langsat) with my powder brush.
     Last, to shape my round face a bit with Makeover face contour kit. I contour my cheek and my nose a bit, but not too much, i dont want to the contour looks obvious, i wanted to make it as natural as it can be. Then i added blush, i used The Balm instain (swiss dot - peach) and NYX blush (PB28 bourgeois pig). You can add the blush later after the eye makeup, which ever suits you the most.

     Now the eyes, i used light and a bit of dark brown to achieve the natural looks. I used The Balm nude 'tude eyeshadow palette (sultry for the lid - seductive for the outer V - stand offish for the lower lash line). I only created a thin eyeliner is because thick eyeliner will make it look unnatural in my eyes (but once again you know what best for you), i used MUA fashion secret gel liner black.
     I didnt do much for my eyebrow, is already thick, so i  just fill in the color with brown eyeshadow (and the other reason why i didnt do much is because when Mr. Kim gave me a makeover at estee lauder event last friday, he said my eyebrow is already looks good for korean look, sooooo yeah..hehhe *sohappyheactuallygivemecompliment*)
     I added false lashes is because my lashes is short and straight, so yeah i need a natural looking false lashes to make it more pretty in the picture, but remember, use a NATURAL one.  I used d'eyeesee false lashes number 4092, i love this lashes it comfy, cheap and looks natural. But if you already have a nice thick eyelashes, i guess mascara only will do.

     Last, the lips, i didnt do much too, but i kinda mixed 3 color to get this. Anyway the blitz make it looks more light pink, but you can see in my first picture above, it looks a bit darker. I used Maybelline color sensational (CB41 coral pink and B42 buff) plus NYX lipstick (LSS 628 tea rose).

     And tadaaaa im done! Grab some lollipop and headband! Im sorry i dont have the hair tutorial yet, i forgot to take picture of the progress, so i'll update sometimes later.

Here are some other pic! :D

     Hehehe, dont mind the last picture, i was tired taking pict, trying to get the right pose, while eating candy (i tend to get this headache if eating something sweet too long or too much) so this picture is happening hahhaa, but the candy was nice though, my bf bought it for me (he's adorable, i love him so much).


Product Used:
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Makeover Corrective Base Makeup - 02 Greenish
Makeover Foundation - 04 Amber Rose
Sariayu Foundation - Kuning Langsat
Sariayu Loose Powder - Kuning langsat
Makeover Face Contour Kit
The Balm Instain - Swiss Dot
NYX Blush - PB28 Bourgeois Pig

Viva Eye Base Gel
The Balm Nude 'tude
MUA Secret Fashion Gel Liner - Black Fashion Mogul
BazaGalaxDor Eyeliner Pencil - No. 19
Maybelline Long Extreme Double Stretch Mascara
Maybelline Volum Express Turbo Boost Mascara
D'eyesee False Lashes - 4092

Maybelline Color Sensational - CB41 Coral Pink and B42 Buff
NYX Lipstick - LSS 628 tea rose


And here's my last photo with SeoHyun again (the same pic like the first one, only a little different)
Thats all for now! I hope you enjoy reading this and find that the tutorial is useful!
Thanks for reading, see you on my next post adorable angels!



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