Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Queen Elsa from Disney Movie Frozen Makeup Inspired

Heyya my adorable!

Now im going to post my makeup inspired by elsa! Icy eyes!
Hahaha just read it bellow :)


So, right now i want to post my makeup project inspired by Elsa from disney movie Frozen (she’s just awesome). Okay, so instead doing my makeup like her (purple eyeshadow and else), i decided to make an icy blue makeup theme, which of course, inspired by her, the Ice Queen.
    First of all, i want to tell you guys why i didnt do makeup like her in the movie. The reason is because i want to do makeup like her later, when i already done with my Elsa costume (yeah!!! im so exciting with this costume project, but i need to finish my snow white costume first) or at least until my light blonde wig arrives. I want it to be more special when i do a cosplay as her, because i really like her character; cool, elegant and beautiful, especially that moment when she transformed her coronation dress into a beautiful blue dress. I love that part!!

So yeah, this is my makeup project inspired by Elsa! Enjoy!

    Here we go! Maybe some of you guys already see it since i already post some picture of it on my instagram which connected to my tumblr. But i just want to post some more detail about it and how hard my journey to make this look :P
    It’s quite messy, since my brush is kinda annoying and so does the face paint. Plus i didnt really have a concept before about how i want this look turns out. I just painted it without any concept, thats why it’s super messy.
    I actually really hate my false eyelash here, it was messy, i mean, i ran out lashes glue and whatever, at least it still stuck on my eyes somehow. See the paint, it’s weird and i really dont know what i was doing. hahhaa. I wanted to make it like snow blast and frozen fractals, like elsa’s magic somehow, but it turned out weird. Hahaha. And i tried to added some snowflakes, but because my brush wasnt really want to cooperate with me at the moment, the snowflakes were messy and annoying -_-
    And here’s the big snowflakes, it’s messy too, dont ask why -.- It’s quite hard to paint it when i only have single tiny eyeliner brush to do the work (note to self; buy some more efficient face paint brushes next time).
    I added some blue glitter from NYX to make it more glittery and elegant, although it ended up still messy. Oh well, at least it’s more shinny hahaha.
    Well, and i also put some shimmer blue and white eyeshadow to my brow, to have this cold frozen look. And the wavy design below my eyes intended to make my eyes look like elsa’s magic once again, which ended up messy, because my eyes got irritation when i tried to put on my contacts. Idk why, i rarely used it maybe, so when i clean the contact with new liquid and tried to use it again, it ended up okay (lesson learned: always clean your contact with new liquid, just in case).
    It really hurts though, my right eyes got slightly red at the moment, thank god it recovered fast. But the bad thing was that my tears ruined the below wavy design, which i had to re-apply and it became weird. Gosh, next time in gonna do a make up, i tried to make a concept first (plus using the contacts before i apply any makeup below my eyes).
    As for the lips, at first i wanted it to be blue, to make it more frozeeen, but then i decided to wear purple, since when people get really cold, their lips turn slightly dark blue-purple (at least Jack from titanic had that lips before he died). So i mixed a bit blue eyeshadow to my purple lipstick, and tadaaaa, my lips was purple slightly blue :3
    Well, i dont have any tutorial for this look, and im not sure im gonna make one (another look, but not this), since it was more like a trial and error makeup project. I didnt have any concept and just believe my hand to do the job (it synchronized quite well with the brain, but not with the brush and the paint, hahaa).

Product used for this look:
Etude CC Cream - Silky
Missha Under Eye Brightener - Natural Beige
Maybelline Clear Smooth - Nude Beige
Heroine Make Loose BB Powder - 02
Ultima II Translucent Face Powder - 005 Pink Shell
Sephora Sculpting Disk - B01 & 120
Base Eye Shadow
256 Eyeshadow - Unbranded
Sariayu 25 Eye Shadow Palette
Maybelline Long Volum’ Express Turbo Boost Mascara
Viva Body Painting - White
NYX Liquid Crystal Liner - LCL 109 Crystal Aqua
D’eyeko False Lashes -  Super Full 137
Contact Lens Exoticon Ice No.1 - Sky Blue
Red A Lipstick - Purple 637
Sariayu 25 Eye Shadow Palette - Light Blue

    So that’s it, my makeup project based on Elsa character from Disney Frozen, i hope you guys like it, even though it ended up super messy, hehehe xD
Here’s some more pics!
Olaf and i, hehe olaf is just sweet and adorable, i cant resist!
Posing with my new Frozen book, see, elsa is so cute right! (but i still think im more connected to anna’s character)

Sorry it a bit messy and well, i guess not bad for a first attempt, hehehe
Thanks for reading, love!


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