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Dove Hair Fall Treatment Rescue Serum Review

 Hey my adorable angels!

     now im gonna review about my favorite hair serum ever, it's Dove Hair Fall Treatment Serum or Dove Hair Fall Rescue Serum.


Tadaa, here's the front look
In a small cute white little bottle (40ml)

The bottle use a pump, see, easy and not messy!

Here's the back view:

And this is the serum, it's transparent and oily and has a nice smell.image

See looks pretty oily right, this is the pic when i rubbed my hands together

    So, it says that this Dove hair fall treatment contain Micro Moisture Serum for treating damage hair, soften and protect your hair from friction when combing the hair.
    I quote from Dove India website (
This Dove hair serum instantly reduces friction and makes your hair less prone to fall. Within six weeks of use it makes hair measurably fuller.
    So this serum could protect your hair and reduce hair fall because of broken hair, so i guess it doesn't repair it from the root, only the ones caused by tangled hair, broken hair or something like that.
    I guess this product is really good for tangled hair. Ever woke up in the morning and your hair is really messy that combing it makes your hair hurt and you loss too many hair? Well, i guess this is the answer.
    Why i like this stuff? it makes me easy to comb my tangled hair! And yeah, because it makes me easier when combing, hair fall because of tangled hair tend to reduce.
How to use it?
All you need is a Messy hair :P
    Place 3-4 drops of the serum on your palm and apply throughout your hair, from the middle to the end of your hair, better not used it on your scalp (it's not recommended and it probably could inflict dandruff, idk, but better not).
i pumped 3 drops of the serum
spread it from the middle to the end of the hair
spread spread spread it evenly~
this is how my hair looked like after i put the serum, i didn't use any comb, only my finger

    After you spread the serum evenly, comb your hair, and voila! you'll see the differences, your hair gonna be more smooth and soft! And you also can easily style your hair too.
now let's comb the hair!
tadaaa, my hair shortly after i comb the hair
See, more shinning and it really felt soft that i couldn't stop touching it!
tadaa, done! easy and less hair fall because of annoying tangled hair!

    The serum might oily, but once you put it in your hair evenly, it doesn't gonna look oily on your hair and when you touch your hair, it's not gonna be oily too, it's only smooth and soft hair.
    Plus, you don't have to wash your hair after applying the serum because it's free of any harmful chemical (as stated on the website).
    You can use it everyday, after shampooing, when you wake up, anytime! And it works like miracle (based on my experience of course). Also the effect last long enough. 5hr or more and my hair still looks pretty nice and smooth, and shinny too (but not oily).
-wonder why i say the effect last long enough?
    My experience: i used the serum and comb my hair 2hr before i took a nap, then after i woke up, like 2hr after that, my hair was still smooth and easy to style, i didn't even have to combing it using comb and only used my finger. Then i went to gym, i tied my hair into a messy bun and after about 3hr i went home i release it and tadaa, my hair was still smooth and i didn't have to use comb. Back then my hair was always messy and annoying, especially when i tried to comb it. So this serum helps me a lot! I love it!
- makes your hair soft and smooth
- less pain when combing
- untangled tangled hair
- smells good
- cheap
- the effect long last
- less hair fall because of broken and tangled hair
- easy to use
- no need to wash your hair after using it
- you can use it anytime you need

Well, i don't have any cons for this one, hehehe, i love it and i have such a good experience with this serum.
Overall Rating : 5/5
Repurchase? OF COURSE!

So that's my review about Dover Hair Fall Treatment Serum, i hope it helps! Cheers!
Any question? Just ask!


That was my review about dove hair serum! Lovely product, make sure you try it ;)
 See ya on my next post!


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