Saturday, December 20, 2014

IBB Make Up Challenge November 2014 SMARTLOOK Underneath Your Skin

Heyy guys!!

     So i know it's very last minute, but here's my submission for IBB MUC November 2014 featuring Smartfrend, Softlens Asia and of course, Camelia Jonathan! Say no more, let's check out my makeup look!

     So, basically all you need to do is make a look based on CJ's newest teaser music video, which is about futuristic/sci-fi. Well i choose to be a droid because it's all i can think of about futuristic thingy, which actually still a lot going on in my mind, but oh well, i had no time! I even made this look very last minute, seriously.
     Anyway if you haven't see the teaser, check it out here:

     So, as i told you i made this weird droid look, it's so messy, this what i can do for only 1hr, but oh well, here goes nothing! Oh yeah, anyway this is fresh from the cam, no editing only watermark. So yeah, it's not that great without those cool editing hahahha (well, i can't really use photoshop anyway hehe)

So, what do you think??? Futuristic enough?? Well, i hope so.

 That's all, i have no tutorial whatsoever, but if you're interested, just leave comment, i might create a video tutorial for this one later! I hope you like it, thanks for stopping by!


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