Thursday, December 4, 2014

Event Report: Sulwhasoo Skin Care and Makeup Beauty Workshop with Jamie Yoon

¡Hola amigos!

     I'm going to share another event report from last week, which is Sulwhasoo Skin Care and Makeup Beauty Workshop with Jamie Yoon, Sulwhasoo global makeup artist from Korea! It was quite interesting, i mean the experience, not just inside the event but before and after the event as well, hahaha. Just read further to know more ;

Check the Indonesian version HERE

     So I have to tell you that it was rainy that day. HEAVY ONE! With thunder and big wind all over the place. Thankfully I didn't stuck in a big traffic when I was about to get there, just a little jammed. I went with my friend Yuka, which luckily still get a spot when i asked ms. Juwita (the one who sent me the invitation) whether i can bring a friend or not.
     It happened to be a small exclusive workshop with only few bloggers and media. Unfortunately because of the big rain almost half of the invitation didn't come. So it was only like 5 person out of 11. But I like it because it became more comfortable! 
     Anyway when I arrived at Sulwhasoo's office and got into the room for the workshop, ms. Lis (the brand manager) and Jamie Yoon greet us right away. Jamie was a bit awkward because he's still learning on how to talk in english, he sometimes missed a word or get it wrong, but he actually trying! Hehehe. We ate the small food they had for the guest, the burger and cheese cake was tasttyyyyy.

 So here's Jamie, he was a bit shy and quite silent, but he's actually really sweet and nice.

     Anyway we had to wait like about 1hr and hoping that the other would come, but unfortunately they didn't make it at all, except on blogger, Via, which arrived after we're almost done. But she got her personal session with Sulwhasoo BA to catch things up. Basically we only tried Sulwhasoo product and how to take care of our skin. Sulwhasoo is not like other skin care, even how to use the serum, cream and stuff are different! I can't really tell the details here, it takes forever, but you always welcome to search it on google!

Photo by Yuka.
So this is Jamie and Ms. Lis opening the event. 

     So Jamie teach us how to clean up the face with Sulwhasoo, we tried the cleansing oil and i should say i love it! Doesn't irritate my eyes and feel soft on the skin, plus can wash away those lipstick, eyeliner, even a waterproof mascara. Also it's easy to clean, even though it's oily, once you wash it with water it turns out like a face wash (with really less bubble), not oily at all. We also used sponge in here to clean our face while using the cleansing oil.
     Then Jamie also teach us how to put on Sulwhasoo cream and serum, basically you have to rubbed both of your hand to create warmth, warm hands make the product absorb better in our skin. Then apply a small amount on your hand and rub it again and apply it in your face. See, unlike the other serum right??
See below to know how to use it, it's for the serum, but the application is actually the same with the other Sulwhasoo product as well:

Picture source:

     Now the best part, i get to try this amazing mask!!! Gaahh, I'd really love to make a review of this stuff, unfortunately it's far over my budget. But it's so nice! The texture is like a silicon perhaps, bouncy and stuff. Don't worry you might torn it while using it because it's protected by a sheer layer in front and back.
     First you have to peel the first layer from one side, apply the mask on your face and then peel again the other layer when it's already secure on your face. Don't worry, you actually can do anything while using this mask because it won't fall off. The smell is also amazing just like any other Sulwhasoo product, i love the smell, so relaxing :)

 Photo by Yuka. 

 Photo by Yuka. 

     After that makeup time! We actually can do any makeup to our heart content, but Jamie teach us how to look more like Korean girl, with simple and natural cute makeup. So fun to hear so many tips from Jamie and i also tried this cushion from Sulwhasoo, it's very light and the coverage is quite well (since i got one from Sulwhasoo, I'm going to review it soon! So i won't say much about it now, hehehe). 

 Photo by Yuka. 

Photo by Yuka. 
I only put a small amount of the cushion, but the coverage is quite okay and it feels really light. 

     After that the event was actually done, but i asked Jamie to get me a makeover like those korea girl hahhaa, which is impossible since i don't have that cute face, you know. Hehehe. After I was done with my makeover, it was chit-chat and photo session!!

 This is Caroline, she's not a blogger yet, but she loves Sulwhasoo so much that she had been using Sulwhasoo event before it's officially available here! That's why she's got invited. She's like the Sulwhasoo master! If you want to learn more about Sulwhasoo, just go to her, really. Hahaha.

 This is me, Caroline and Yuka.

Photos by Yuka. 
Jamie in the back.
Front: Caroline - Me - Via - Yuka - Ms. Lis

Unfortunately i didn't get a chance to take picture with Juwita, she's so kind and humble too!

     Thats all my event report, despite the big rain and hell traffic jam after the event, it was actually nice and i like it. It was like a very exclusive event, yet very friendly and nice! I also love to try Sulwhasoo skin care! In fact now im going to use my travel size first care serum more regularly, but it's over my budget, so I guess I'm not gonna be able to write a full review, but I'll write my impression later :)

Ohh, i almost forgot, here's my goodie bag!

Looking forward for the next event with Sulwhasoo!