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Review: The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso 2in1 Brightening Eye Cream

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     I'm going to share a quick review of The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso 2in1 Brightening Eye Cream. This is one of my favorite eye cream lately, let's check out why!

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Blog Label: Red
Brand : The Body Shop
Name :Moisture White Shiso 2in1 Brightening Eye Cream
Content: 15ml
Made In : Thailand
Price : IDR 399k (about USD39)
Price based on Indonesia store.

  • Its premium metal micro-circulating applicator gives a cooling and refreshing sensation and helps improve circulation around the eye.
  • The Shiso-powered formula helps the delicate skin around the eyes to look visibly brighter and lighter. Tested on 120 Asian women, 77% of them agreed that after using Moisture White™ Shiso 2 in 1 Brightening Eye Cream, the skin tone around the eye area is visibly lighter

     Well, let's see the packaging first.
 The design is simple, like most of The Body Shop products, with white dove tube. It's really small and light, so very handy and travel friendly.

 The metal applicator. 

Squeeze the tube to use the eye cream.

 This is the eye cream, very light and watery cream, easy to blend and feels cool in the skin. 

It's also gave a brightening effect. But looks wet at first (like normally after using any cream).

Here's how it looks when applied on my eyes:
It might look a bit more visible after the usage because it's look wet, but don't worry it'll look brighter after it dries up.


     After a quite sometimes using this eye cream I should say that it really helps with my dark circle. Well, doesn't mean it visibly brighter or whatever, but it helps so much that even if i had this really bad sleeping problem, my eyes are not totally turn out as panda's.
     But it does brightening the eye area actually. It's just my sleep is uncontrollably messed up that i guess the eye cream could not really perform well. But few weeks ago, when i actually can sleep about 1am or so, my eye area got better. But now it stays the same because i sleep in the morning. That's why i said thanks for this eye cream that my eyes won't get any worse.
    I also like how the tube is small and slim, making me easy to bring it anywhere. So whenever my eyes feel tired or sleepy, i will put this eye cream, it's so refreshing. Not only because of the metal applicator, but in my eyes, the cream it self has cooling sensation. That's why i really happy to bring it on the plane back then when i was on vacation with less sleep, it helped me looking more fresh, hahhaa.

+ brightens eye area
+ can get rid sign of fatigue (after the cream dries up of course)
+ easy to blend in the eyes
+ cooling sensation
+ travel friendly
+ so far my panda eyes is not getting any worse (even my sleeping time is messed up)

- quite pricey
- weird applicator (but once you get used to it, it'll be okay)

     In the end i still like the product so much, even my eyes is not totally brighter. As i mention before, this eye cream helps my eyes so it won't get any worse during my messed up sleeping time. So, i'm glad i have this and can put it daily on my tired eyes. I hope my sleeping time will get better though, so this cream could perform even better.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

For more info about this you can check The Body Shop store. 

That's all for now, i hope you'll find this review useful!


p.s this blog post is also my submission for The Body Shop blog competition #TBSBloggers

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