Monday, December 8, 2014

Event Report: Kawaii Beauty Japan Blogger Gathering - November 19, 2014

Hey adorable!

     Im going to share a quick event report of a gathering with Kawaii Beauty Japan, last november 19, 2014. It was a small gathering with KBJ bloggers and KBJ stars. Like i told you i wrote some article in Kawaii Beauty Japan and also a KBJ blogger, that's why i got invited. Well, even though i hardly write anymore lately, been busy with review and all this event report for my own blog and also my thesis is starting to killing me slowly. So yeah, i haven't write anything anymore yet on KBJ, but soon i will, so stay tuned!

Check the Indonesian version HERE
     It was held at Mangia restaurant at Grand Indonesia. Like i told you the event was a small gathering. All we did is talking. We talk a lot, about Kawaii Beauty Japan of course, what is good about KBJ, what still missing, what need to get update on the site and so on. It's like a brain storming for both KBJ side and KBJ blogger, writter and star side.

 Hey hoo, i got my name on the table!

 Some other bloggers that also came. 

Snack! Yummy, i like it~

 This is my lunch, dori fish! I always love dori fish! It was a good dish actually, but not spicy enough and the rice wasn't warm anymore. So i leave the rice, but i finish the dori fish right away because i loveeee it.

I also got this few goodies from Kawaii Beauty Japan ! Thank you.

     I hope with this gathering, Kawaii Beauty Japan website will get better and better because there are so many useful tips there. If you haven't visit the website yet, i suggest you to go visit, you might find some useful article you could use!

That's all my report, see you on my next post!


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  1. We were attending an event here and my friend left out abruptly due to something being caught in her throat, and the event coordinator staff was outside with water, trying to assist her any way possible.