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Review: Kracie Extra Moist Facial Mask

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     Told ya Im going to post so many reviews, hahaha. I hope you are not expecting me to do a makeup tutorial or share any makeup look because my face is not really up to it... you know, massive acne attack in my lower cheek and jaw this past 2 months. Super stressing me out, so I'm not really up to do any makeup look. But I guess nobody gonna miss that anyway hahaha. Anyway today I'm going to share a review of Kracie Extra Moist Facial Mask that I got from Kawaii Beauty Japan !
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Now back to my review shall we~

Check the Indonesian version HERE
Blog Label: Green
Brand : Kracie
Name : Extra Moist Facial Mask
Content: 25ml
Made In : Japan
Price : IDR 22k (around USD2)

     Lets see the packaging first!
The packaging is simple with pink color and lots of Japanese font that i don't quite understand.
Back side, contains how to use, caution and ingredients.

 Closer look. 

How to use: clean up your face and dry it up. Open the mask and place it on your face, then wait for 10-15 minutes. Peel the mask off and gently massage the face so it will absorb well. Clean up with water if necessary.

Caution: Do not use it on irritated skin. Stop the usage if irritation occurs and go to the doctor if the irritation symptom got worst. Clean with water immediately if you accidentally irritate you eyes with the content. Place it on cool places and do not place the mask in direct sunlight. Use immediately after opened. Keep it out from children reach.
 Here's what inside. 

The mask texture is nice. 

 Here's the closer look. 

 Tadaa, one whole mask~

This is the mask liquid on my hand. Quite refreshing and feel nice. 

Now let's use it!
I look scary, right?

After a short 15 minutes! I didn't wash the liquid residue and decided to just give my face a nice gently massage so the liquid will absorb well on my skin! 


     So, the mask is smell nice and pretty good to use. The mask texture/fabric is kinda different with some other mask i've tried, not gel mask also, but you can securely put it in your face while doing almost everything. It's also faster usage than any other mask i know, only 10-15 mins, while the other normally could take up to 20mins.
     This mask contains Royal Jelly and Hyaluronic Acid that can maintain you skin from aging sign and help moisturizing your face. I should say that this does moisturizing my skin so much, i like how my skin ended up so fluffly and bouncy afterwards. Plus, also very refreshing!

+ moisturizing
+ maintain your skin from aging sign
+ refreshing
+ bouncy skin feeling afterwards
+ smell nice
+ the mask can stay on the face without falling off

- non of the time
     In conclusion i quite like this Kracie Extra Moist Facial Mask, doesn't irritate my skin or making it itchy (like some other mask does), and leave my skin so bouncy!
Overall Rating: 4/5
Thanks to Kawaii Beauty Japan for giving me this mask! Psstt, don't forget to pay their website a visit!

That's all, if you interested you can find this Mask easily in drugstore or supermarket! Thanks for reading!


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