Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review: The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth


     I want to share a review again! It's Nutriganics Drops of Youth from The Body Shop! Well, this one is new for me, i mean usually i put on serum first before anything else, but this even better! You put this one before serum, a.k.a pre-serum! Wondering? Let's check it out!

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Blog Label: Red
Brand : The Body Shop
Name : Nutriganics Drops of Youth
Content: 30ml
Made In : UK
Price : IDR 459k (about USD40)
Price based on Indonesia store.

     Before we start let's see the claim of this product and also the video shall we!

Play the video to find out more about this Drops of Youth products. Plus you can see in the video as well how to apply this pre-serum in the right way!

     Check out the packaging first shall we~

Well, actually it comes with a box, but i lost mine, so yeah. Anyway the bottle is made of glass with green color and a white pipette cap. The design is simple and looks natural, but because the bottle is made of glass, make sure you don't drop it, it might break.

Twist the cap to open. 

 But you see the pre-serum leftover in the mouth of the bottle probably will clot, so make sure you clean it up if there's any leftover.  Just for hygiene purpose. And you might want to close the cap as quickly as possible after you open it, at least that's what i heard.

The pipette. 

 The serum. It's transparent but not that clear. 

 The texture is watery and so easy to blend. 

     See how hydrated my hand's part with this Drops of Youth? Yes it moisturizes my hand so well. It might leave a bit of weird feeling when dry up, but i can make sure your skin gonna feels tighten and moist.


    After a month or so using this pre-serum before putting anything else in my face, surely bring some benefits! It does makes my skin feels so much hydrated (especially every morning after waking up), i'm not waking up with a oily face but a moist face, so it's kinda make me happy. My skin also feel smoother and softer after using this Drops of Youth.
     Well, it's seriously helps my dry skin back then. When i tried a tree tea oil for my acne, the tree tea oil really dry up my face that it started to flake. But ever since i included this Drops of Youth while still using the tree tea oil, my skin is free from dryness! No more flake and i don't have to worry about dry skin!
     It might leave a strange feeling when it starting to dry up in our skin, idk, just feel like a bit sticky but tightening sensation, but when i touch it, it's not sticky at all but moist and feels soft, just the feeling is a bit sticky like that.
     It also helps blending the next skin care better, it's like the skin already prepare for the next skin care after using this Drops of Youth. I haven't notice about how it affect my fine lines, because it's still not that big problem of mine right now, but i guess when my skin feels tight and soft it could means that fine lines also going to reduce sooner of later.  

+ natural ingredients
+ no paraben
+ the texture is watery and easy to blend
+ soften my skin
+ smooth and moist skin afterwards
+ makes the next skin care absorb even better
+ no oily face when waking up
+ hydrated skin
+ healthier and tighten skin
+ nice natural smell

- quite expensive for me
- a sticky feeling (even when touched, it's not actually sticky)

     In conclusion i'm in love with this pre-serum! Well the only things that makes me sad is the price hahhaa. But if i have more money to spare i'd love to get this again when i run out! If you have a dry skin, this pre-serum is a must try item, it can moisturize and soften you skin. It really helps when my acne and tree tea oil dry up my face.

Overall Rating: 4/5

For more info about this you can check The Body Shop store.

That's all my review for now! See ya!


p.s this blog post is also my submission for The Body Shop blog competition #TBSBloggers

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