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Review: The Body Shop InstaBlur

Hello guys!

     I'm going to review a product that you might want to try! Hahaha, seriously, all you selfie/photo lovers gonna like this one. It's Insta Blur from The Body Shop! I got this when i attended The Body Shop beauty workshop from Female Daily. Lucky to get it for free! Want to know what so special about it? Check it below!

Lihat postingan dalam Bahasa Indonesia DI SINI
Blog Label: Red
Brand : The Body Shop
Name : InstaBlur
Content: 25ml
Made In :Thailand
Price : IDR 299k (about USD30)
Price based on Indonesia store.

     As usual, let's check the packaging first~

Well it packed with a white dove tube. The design is quite minimalist and wouldn't really catch my eyes actually. But it pretty handy because it's not that big. 

If you squeeze the tube, the content will come out easily and can be control how much you want it. 

This product claimed to blur all your imperfection like a smart phone app, let's see shall we.

This is the content, it kinda look like a silicone at first. But it actually very soft like time balm primer one if you ever try it. Hard to explain the texture.  

The right one is with Insta Blur, can you see the different? Because i surely can! You see all the lines on the Insta Blur part is actually blurry! Looks really smooth right if you compare to the 'without Insta Blur' side?
Whoa, i surely does like it! Now let's see on my face!

     This one in both of my left and right cheek. Sorry, the acne is really massive in this couple months (due to stress of unending thesis hahaha). It might not cover my acne, but it does making it looks a bit blurry right? Feel the different? Well, i sure do, but perhaps my cam doesn't do justice. But i can tell you it's so much better. See pics below as well!

     You see how my pores are gone?? It's not my cam that blurred out, but it's my skin! It even making my dark circle looks better hahaha. And of course the nose and all of those black head. Plus the acne also look blurred right? Because the Insta Blur does it's job right! Hahaha. I'm quite amazed.

     But it's pretty tricky when applied, you see, you can't put pressure too much when applying this Insta Blur, because it might leaves some residues. But i learned how to apply it from a few trials. Trust me, it's a big no-no for too "much pressure". 
     So you have to lightly spread it on your face with your fingers. Just apply a small amount once at a time.  Remember, LIGHTLY. Just like a swap, like you're going to getting rid of dust or small particle on your face. Light pressure will do a really nice job on spreading the Insta Blur. 


     This is one of the best base makeup i ever try! It does have it difficulties, but i surely love the result from this product! Well, firstly it totally blurred out the imperfectness out of my face, like make my skin texture looks even smoother, minimize pores, fine lines and almost everything, even it doesn't cover acne. Well, not covering is actually fine, because it never stated to cover imperfectness, like dark circle or acne (p.s foundation or concealer does that.
     Another best part is this Insta Blur is so nice as a primer, because it makes foundation/bb cream or whatever stick even better, but do it lightly. It leaves your face matte and less oily throughout the day. If you apply it right, your makeup will last even longer as well.
     Even though it's kinda expensive, it's actually worth it. Maybe at a first try you will think that the product is a fail because it leaves too many residue. But i have to tell you, unfortunately that's not the product, it's the way you apply it. So yeah read my advice up there very carefully on how to apply this thing.
      If you apply it right, you'll see that's the product is amazing! But, I'll tell you that i'm not going to use it daily. Why? Because it takes some times to apply, as you know, you have to very light and not really recommended to put it too much on your face at once, so it need times. Not that long actually, up to 5 minutes perhaps. But on my daily basis, 5 minutes is quite sometimes hahhaa, so yeah, i personally gonna use Insta Blur only when it necessary or when i have more time to do makeup. Because i don't want to use it in hurry that it will leaves residue or making my makeup base gets ugly. But if you have more time, don't hesitate to use it daily as it gonna make you always photo ready, no need app anymore! Hehehe.  

+ matte finish
+ blurred out imperfection
+ minimize pore
+ smoothing the look of skin texture
+ perfectly getting rid the sight of fine lines
+ makes foundie stays longer and easier to stick on skin

- a bit expensive for my wallet (hahaha)
- leaves residue if not applied right
- take more time to apply than any other primer
     In conclusion this Insta Blur is amazing! Despite its cons, it so good at blurring out the imperfection and get your face always photo ready. So totally recommend this, if you have more money and more time to spare when using this! You see the result yourself, if you interested go get it! 

Overall Rating: 4.5/5
This is one of my makeup look that using Insta Blur, quite flawless right? I only use a cushion with light-medium coverage and little concealer for the dark circle.

See, my face looks flawless, hahhaa.

For more info about this you can check The Body Shop store.

That's all guys! So what do you think? Have you try this one out before??
See you on my next post!


p.s this blog post is also my submission for The Body Shop blog competition #TBSBloggers

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