Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Event Report: Grand Opening Kay Collection Grand Indonesia - November 22, 2014

Heyya people~

     Well, im going to share a quick event report for you! So, weeks ago i attended Kay Collection grand opening in Grand Indonesia. I promise it's gonna be quick! Hehehe.

Read the Indonesian version HERE

     So, actually there's nothing much happened, it was just like a standing gathering. There were a lot of bloggers there talking and watching as the MUA, Christia demonstrated. I actually didn't really know why they called it grand launching because it was quite plain, but it was nice to met my beauty blogger friends again though.
     There was also product discount and stuff, but i didn't buy any item as i didn't need anything back then. I barely see the makeup demo because it was too crowded, so most of the time i was just enjoying my time talking with my blogger friends! But oh yeah, visitors and guest can also got a makeover from the MUA.
     Because there wasn't much to talk about so here just some pictures to summed this up!

Photos are all by Kay Collection.

     Oh! I also got a goodie bag !

Thats all my event report for today! Thanks to Kay Collection the invitation! :)


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