Thursday, December 4, 2014

Review: Sally Hansen i Heart Nail Art - 420 Studs Kit

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    I'd like to make a quick review about Sally Nansen i Heart Nail Art Studs Kit that i got from Beauty Blogger Meet Up. Anyway i already review Sally Hansen nail polish as well, that still on i Heart Nail Art collection, it's Striper nail polish, Neon nail polish and Stylo pen. You can also check the reviews as well!

Check the Indonesian version HERE


Blog Label: Green
Brand : Sally Hansen
Name : i Heart Nail Art Kit - Studs Kit
Content: 3 vials-studs and 1 pick up tool
Made In : US
Price : IDR 75k (around USD7.5)

     Lets check the packaging first!

Front side and back side.

 Each of the side part. Left one contains warning and right one contains a small details. 

 Under the box.. 

 and above. 

 Here's what inside. 

Three little vials contains studs and also one pick up tools. Both the black and silver one was more like shinny little flat back rhinestones, while the gold one is more like a studs. 

This is when i tried to apply it to my little nails. Im sorry about the baby nails, thats all i have. Anyway i have to put on top coat so i can stick the studs. It'll be pretty if my nails weren't so little and good for nail art.


     This cute studs are nice for nail arts. The quality is good and one vials quite enough for few different nails art. The only thing that bug me is that the pick up tool is not really helpful picking up those studs, idk, the rubber was too hard or what, but it didnt pick the stufs quite well.

UPDATE: so, Sally Hansen marketing manager herself emailed me and explain how to use the picking up tools and this stud! Hahaha, it's different from what i did, maybe that's why at first i found the pick up tool was useless, but here goes the right direction:

"First you need a plate (that you would use only for nail polish/nail art activities). On the plate you need to put a drop of top coat and your studs (do not mixed together). You need to dip the tool (that is included in the kit) in the top coat, then on the stud which will directly stick to the tool and then you can put the stud on your nail."

+ cute
+ perfect for nail art
+ three different studs
+ quite easy to use

- non at the moment
     In conclusion this studs kit is a must have item if you like to do different kind of nail art, the studs is nice and not that so expensive either for three vials of this small studs.
Overall Rating: 4/5

Thats all! I hope you enjoy my simple review of this studs!

     If you want to try this i Heart Nail Art collection and kit from Sally Hansen you can get it on major department store like Sogo and else. Plus also at selected drugstore like Guardian and Watsons counters!


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